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for 12v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 18v
By Aluzjunior
Hi, my daughter has an audi a3 12v 3 speed and a lot of eletronics (buzzer, lights, music, mp3 player)
i wanto to upgrade to 18V using an additional 6V battery.
there a way to make it? using relays perhaps?
i cant just wire the 6v battery because the central eletronics will burn with 18V

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By jackytutu
same question as Aluzjunior if anyone can help. I have a BMW i8 with a bunch of electronics on the dashboard. I want to know if I wanted to upgrade to 18v or even 24v if I would have to find the circuit board for the dashboard and connect a separate 6v battery to it just so it doesn't blow. Also if anyone may know where the circuit board for dashboard may be located.
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