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for 12v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 18v
I have read through the FAQ for remote kill switch, but am not sure I got it right. I would like to confirm I am doing this right before I go and fry something.

I will be wiring 3 new 6v 12ah gruber batteries in series to up my son's Jeep Hurricane to 18v. I am also adding a 30amp inline fuse a few inches away from the positive terminal to the battery.

I have purchased the following in hopes of adding a remote kill switch to cut power to the battery when my kid wanders to far or tries to drive where he shouldn't ... Sw5ZBWH4IS ... SwLVZVr7BU

I plan on installing these two things using the following diagram:


I will wire it as follows:
1. positive 18v from battery to positive on 24v switch(the switch has two positive and two negative connections)
2. 2nd positive from 24v switch to 86 on relay
3. 87 on relay spliced onto wire from step 1
4. positive from power wheels harness to 30 on relay
5. one of the grounds from the remote spliced into negative wire to battery
6. other ground from remote to 85 on relay
7. 87a on relay spliced into wire from step 5

Is this all right? Will a 24v switch and 12v 40a relay work on an 18v power wheels without frying anything?

The remote kill switch has two positive and two negative connections because one set powers the receiver (in your case it needs 24v to operate). The other set (labeled "Load") is a normally-open dry-contact on a small relay ( the blue box mounted on the kill-switch receiver board) that will be used to turn on/off the main power relay coil rated at 12v (at low current). The reason you are using one small relay (on board the kill-switch receiver) to turn on/off the bigger power relay is that the kill-switch relay can only handle 10amps.

The 18v from the batteries to the motors (at high current) is flowing through the main power on/off relay contacts (rated at 14v 40a).

With only 3 batteries you don't have 24v to power that receiver. If the receiver were a 12v version you could tap off two of the batteries for the 12v.

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