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for 12v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 18v
Good afternoon! Been researching my two daughters Jeeps for about a year and could not join to ask questions!

I'm an avid DIYer and have customized my cars my whole life. Time for my daughters Jeeps!

I've research this forum for months and got a couple of ideas on what I wanted from others on here. I created a wiring diagram of their combined solutions that I want to build for two Jeeps!

I need your expertize to confirm my diagram before I start wiring. I left out the fuse locations, but if someone can put them in, that would be great!



A short sentence or two about your existing rides and your end goal would be great. Why a turbo-timer on 18V ? Why not just fast/slow switch .... ect ? Are you starting with a 12v ride that already has fast/slow switches ? Are the red/black wires going off the top of the drawing wired directly to the motors or to existing stock wiring (with fwd/rev switches and fast/slow switches) ? Do you need fwd/rev or brakes ? It's not on your drawing.

And sorry but the diagram is a little confusing. Sure we can make assumptions and redraw your stuff but who has the time.
It would be easier to review if ALL the relays were drawn the same (independent of how they physically look or what the contacts are labeled). I can't tell whats going on with the Turbo relays.
You don't indicate which are the N.O. and N.C. contacts on the relays.
The charging relays don't show the coil contacts or how you are switching them.
Fuses always go as close to the battery as possible to protect as much wiring as possible. You should use three fuses.

My 2 cents, I don't like charging ports. You've added three more relays (that need to be held on and use battery power the whole time the kids are riding), more wiring, and more points of failure. And more important, when the batteries die the kids are done. If possible, I prefer to make the batteries easily swappable (foam or sponge to hold them in place) and have backup batteries charged and ready to go. My kids may be done in 1/2 hour but the neighbor kids are still lined up. I can recharge the batteries on my bench and not have power-cords draped around the garage. OK, done with my charge-port soap box rant.
Thanks for the feedback. Thought the drawing was pretty self explanatory. I have two daughters 3, 5 and have two Barbie Jeeps.
These are the first two Power Wheels for them and probably the lasts. Next will be ATVs. I've customized my cars, turbo Celica and Toyota Pickup for years, but lost interested in that every since Daddyhood started.

I've moved on to cheaper customizations, hence these Jeeps.

The two wires running off the drawing are going to the stock wiring. The charging solution I liked because those are 30a switches. One side is charging, middle is OFF, and the other is run time. I can use one 6v/12v charger for all three batteries at the same time.

There are only two relays used in this system. One with the key ignition, to turn on the power to the Jeep, and the other is for the turbo relay. Basically, the 12v + goes into the key relay. The key is turned, the 12v + power flows to the rest of the system including the turbo relay. I wanted to add the turbo button with a timer for the heck of it and keep the wife calm at the same time. I added the turbo timer so the kids don't burn out the factory motors as I didn't want to replace them.

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