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for 12v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 18v
Okay, just want to say....awesome forum. I've been lurking a little while and no I have something to post, so, here we go. Bought my daughter a Frozen Jeep last Christmas. She's about to turn 5, so, I'm behind the ball with making this fun for years of use. I'm guessing she's got about another year before she outgrows it, so, time to get to work.

I need some help with my wiring if you don't mind. I'm kind of gowing crazy with this, so, bear with me. I think I'm over my head a little. I'm doing two things for her at the moment. Lights and stereo. I'll elaborate what I'm looking to do below. I've got my hands on 4 6v batteries plus the stock one. Hopefully don't need to use all of them. I have already converted the jeep to 18v and she's loving it. Time to get the real work done. If it matters, I maintained the stock power wheels battery for now.

I bought an amp with controls, two 3-way 5-1/4 speakers, and a 5-1/4" subwoofer. The amp is 2.1 and has independent subwoofer control. I believe it is 40w x 2 channels for the speakers and 1x68 for the subwoofer. I'm going to build a small box for the sub and stick it under the seat pointing up. Should give off just enough bass to sound good. I hope I can fit two more batteries under the seat as well for powering amp and lighting. Or should i just add another 6v in parallel? Can I do that? I digress....

This is where it gets a little tricky. I'm going to list out what I want to do:
- Headlights, fog lights, running lights switched together.
- taillight with reverse lights switched together. I don't know if I can tie this to the headlights or not based on the function I want. When she puts it in reverse or pushes gas when in reverse, the white lights should light up. When she lets off gas, brake lights come on. If it's possible to keep tail lights on all the time with brake lights coming on when gas is off, this would be ideal.
- spot lights with their own switch.
- strip lights under jeep with their own switch.

I've got the strip lights figured out I think, but, I'm stumped on where to begin. LEDs are new to me and I know they need stepped down power and resistors. So, I'm kind of lost at the best way to move forward. Any help is much appreciated. I assume I'll need some terminal blocks as I want a clean install. I can figure out best mounting locations for terminals, batteries, etc, but....could really use wiring help.

Also, anyone familiar with the frozen jeep model can toss in ideas for how to do the lighting would be great. Meaning, should I buy actually driving lights for the headlights and spot lights? Or, should I fabricate some sort of flat round panel with 5050 LEDs and cover it with some sort of glass/plastic cover?

God knows how I'm going to wash this thing once complete. Spray bottle and washcloth most likely.

Thanks in advance for any input you have.

I've found the lights I plan to use. These are flush mount LED bolts. The headlights and fog lights are about 18.5 lumens and the spot lights are 30ish lumens. I think that will plenty bright. Comparable to the superflux LEDs from Oznium. The spot lights are going to be much brighter. This is a new product as of 2016. Link below if anyone is interested.

I've bought the LED strip lights from eBay and about to purchase these bolts. So, I'm going to look around for a trailer brake light housing and some rocker switches. Just gathering up everything I know I'm going to need for the build in a few weeks. Also need some wire. I think I need 12 gauge for the power and 22 gauge for the lighting. Does that sound right? Want red and black for power. Do I need 3 wires for the LEDs? Assume blu one for a ground?
Might have to switch. Already ordered them though. I'll test them before installation when I get them. If they aren't bright enough, I'll return for the 9w. I'd rather have too much light than not enough. I especially want the flood lights to be bright. Have limited mounting depth though. I'll figure it out.

Think I've figured out the reverse lights. If I want them constant on when in reverse I have to add a rocker switch in the shifter itself. I'll open it up and see what I can make work. Otherwise, I'll do what many others did and wire it so that the reverse lights work when gas is depressed.

I'm trying to figure out tail lights and brake lights now. That one seems a little more tricky. Haven't found a way to have both tail lights then brake lights when gas is off.
Im really not sure. Read a bunch of posts and people said it wouldn't work for some reason without the rocker. I like your idea better if it will work.

Man...I really want to buy those 9w. 10 for $10 is stupid cheap compared to what I just paid. Can't decide between 23 and 18mm though. Larger for the headlights and smaller for fogs is probably best. But I don't need 20 lights. Won't really have a use for the ones I don't use.
Your on the right track. Running lights with a switch. You can put a brake switch with its own lights. If you browse my project link, you'll find a little inspiration and a lot of mistakes to avoid ;)
I'm now having some problems. There aren't as many places to add fun things in this Jeep. I planned to utilize the space under the seat for a subwoofer. Was going to build a small ported box to fit it in. However, I'm running into issues now. If I put the subwoofer where I want it, I cant fit the two additional 6v batteries I'll need to power the thing. I have a feeling the amp will draw too much from the battery and will severely diminish run time if I don't add a set for it and the lighting. Thoughts?

I had a second choice picked out which seems like it might be my only option now. That would be mounting the sub in the "2nd" choice place in the attached pictures. I might have to put one of the batteries in the front and another in the back to make it work. Depends how much the sub flexes. Plus, I'm going to have to build an enclosure and figure out a way to mount and secure it under the power wheel between that wall and the bumper. No clue how I'd do that.

Any ideas of a way to accomplish this? Doesn't look like the battery will fit under the wheel motors either. Will fit length and width wise, but, it's too tall. Plus, I'd have to remove the wheels and motors to put it there. Not a huge deal, but, not idea.

The subwoofer is small. Only about 5-1/4" or so. Probably close to 6 with surround. The speakers are 5-1/4" three ways and will be installed behind the legs on either side of the shifter if that makes sense. They will fire towards the front of the vehicle. With a cover on them, they should be well protected from damage. They will be installed free-air if that makes sense.
Power Wheels Locations Page 001.jpg
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Power Wheels Locations Page 002.jpg
Power Wheels Locations Page 002.jpg (83.96 KiB) Viewed 2271 times
I just realized Gruber has some smaller 6v 4 amp hour batteries. I could make them fit. Wonder how long they'd run the radio and the lights?

I'm guessing that the amp will draw approximately 5 amps or so. The LEDs maybe around 1? If that's the case, then the 4ah battery will run about 30-40 minutes? That sound right? Sounds a little low to me. Maybe my calcs are off. Even with a 12ah battery, I'm only looking at 2 hours of life with the radio?

Anyone have any experience with this?
Pics of what? Sorry for the late response. I was out of town. Just got back and most of the lights arrived. I'm not impressed with the brightness of the bulbs. Even the 9w I ordered are a little weak for headlights and spotlights. I'll probably use the 9w bulbs for the reverse lights and fog lights though. Back to the drawing board I guess. I've got the amber, fog, and reverse lights figured out. Just need to come up with something for headlights and spotlights.
It's a pretty small amp and sub. 4amp draw with 40watt rms 2 channels. Similar to a head units power output. Only difference is that it will also control a subwoofer up to 68rms. I may not even add the subwoofer based on limited room. Don't know.

Right now I'm worried about headlights and spotlights. I'm afraid these 9w bulbs I purchased won't fill up the 3" round openings where the headlight stickers go. I think the light output will look like a quarter size in a 3" circle. Even if I fabricate a lens cover like another user did, I think it's going to still look like a small circle of light within the housing. Make sense?

Any thoughts on either of these two options? ... type=price

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