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for 12v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 18v
By benjaminfernandez18
Good morning,

I am searching for sketch - write/up to install the volt gauge. I understand that you simply wire the red with the positive of the battery and the black with the negative. But if I do it this way the gauge will be on all day, correct? So I bought a small switch, I just don't know how to wire in the switch.

Little guy has a 911 GT3, with a couple mods (18V) (lights).

Last question, to make the wiring easier I used a several of those twist lock connectors throughout the car. Can those be dangerous?
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By Suburbancharlie77
Which "twist lock"?
Do they look like tiny construction cones with a metal insert, they shouldn't be considered dangerous, but like anything can be installed wrong. Googling "properly using wirenuts" should provide some info. But personally I believe wirenuts are meant more for stationary non accessible things. And most anything for kids I'd crimp, due to jostling around and curious fingers.

Wiring the gas gauge switch would be as simple as interrupting either (but preferably the positive) supply with the switch.

You can do either a momentary switch (think door bell button) or a normal switch (like a light switch).

The best in my opinion, way to install this or anything, would be off of a fused circuit, feed a momentary switch to the positive side of the gauge. Then you can just feed the negative (ground/black) wire back to any connection, including the ground of the battery.
I can't get too specific, because I'm not familiar with your car, and it doesn't look like an actual power wheels brand. But if it is, their negative goes battery to shifter.
I hope that helps.

I say the momentary switch, because otherwise you will be left with a similar situation as to not having a switch, when it's left on.
Again, not knowing exactly your car, I can't offer you exacts, but on a power wheels, you could eliminate all the positive side stuff and tap off the red wire. Then whenever the gas was pressed, you'd get a reading.
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By toycrusher
Nice job on the lighting! Yes, in general, wire nuts are discouraged for powerwheels because they do come undone with vibration. They really aren't dangerous at 12-18v, but having circuits come apart because of wingnut failures makes for unhappy kids :o

I would say wire the voltmeter to the gas pedal, red to orange and black to black (common colors but not always). Then the voltmeter comes alive while it's being ridden.
By Rob222
My first thought was to wire to the pedal also but then how do you get a voltage reading without a load on the battery ? Or read the voltage without running along the jeep ?
I kinda like the momentary PB off a fuse idea. Then you can get running and not running readings. If you use wire nuts, really meant for AC wiring in junction boxes, wrap them in electrical tape.

This guy did his meters nice, used a latching lighted switch (not cheap):
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First volt meter I put in was just on a toggle switch with an led.


Every other one after that comes on with the ignition switch

this one is for Amps, but same idea

The current draw on the little LED ones pictured in the first image is so minimal it's not noticeable. As long as you can turn it off somehow when the vehicle is not being used.

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