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for 12v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 18v
I have read a million posts on this but was looking for somewhere I could click the links and get the items ordered. I am very capable of doing the work but I am not sure of the best items to purchase for my situation. I have a Jeep Hurricane that is 3 years old and battery works perfect. I have a 5 year old, 3 year old and newborn boys. I expect this to last awhile for each boy until they get to go-carts. We live on 4.5 acres and the kids spend most of their time off road. It tends to get stuck and not have enough power.

What I would like
1. I want to keep my current battery and charger for when my little one wants to drive it.
2. I would like to upgrade it to 18v. I will buy new batteries.
3. I want 1 charger that will charge the entire 18v system.
4. The longer it can hold a charge the better.

1. Where and what batteries should I purchase?
2. What charger should I purchase?
3. Do I need a plug adapter so I can switch back to 12v? If so, what one?
4. Should I upgrade gears & motors? If so, what kit should I get from where?

I really appreciate the help.
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18v smart chargers are not easy to find. This one was designed for ride-on toys.
I like Mighty Max batteries because I can get them cheap and fast on Amazon.
Run time is only limited by the size (ah) of batteries that you can fit in the jeep.
The 12v and the 6v battery should be the same ah rating for best results.
Upgrade/fix the gearboxes when/if they break.
Thank you for the help. I still cant decided if I want to do new motors and gearbox or start with the 18v upgrade. Speed would be nice but the biggest concern is the low end torque to get up hills and battery life. Jeep spends 90% of its time off road.
I have found that trying to get the longest run-time by adding big AH batteries just causes packaging and weight issues. I make my batteries easy to swap out and just keep back-up batteries charged and ready to swap as soon as the ride slows down.
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