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Need help w/12V to 18V SLA Battery . . . sort of

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:12 pm
by awakenings76
I bought a pink PW Dune Racer at a garage sale for my daughter. It had been modified to use the 18V drill type batteries. She loved it and was zooming all around the grass and gravel and uphill. Her old PW was awful in all those respects. We were using the batteries that came with our Worx yard tools and we burned up 3 batteries literally in a week so I bought an 18V SLA battery and charger online that's made for a mini moto scooter. I just thought a single battery rather than all these 12V & 6V combinations seemed simpler. My husband knows how to modify things to hook up the battery to the PW but we're not surre how to charge the battery. Here is the link to the battery we bought and the charger is listed on the right side. It looks like a laptop battery charger.

I guess you are supposed to plug the charger directly into the scooter and I was thinking (or probably wasn't really thinking at all or I would've noticed the charger wouldn't work or us) that you would plug the battery directly into the charger.

So what would be the simplest way to charge this battery? We have a car battery charger but I don't know if that could work with some modifications? Any suggestions for us would be great. I have a sad little girl who can't ride her birthday present and I feel awful. :( I really don't want to start completely from scratch. I'd love to work mainly with what we already have with the exception of a few things to modify. Too many projects and overtime going on in this house right now.