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for 12v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 18v
Hi guys newbie here. Got gifted 2 Suzuki quad racers 12 v with no batteries.

Replacing the stock seems expensive at $70, and found this site. Thinking I am them up to 18v while I am at it.


Thanks in advance.

Ps I am handy. Sheet rock, change my cars oil, and basic light fixtures and switches.
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For a replacement battery, a 12v 12ah SLA battery can be purchased for under $30 on Ebay (shipped to your door). Just re-use the factory battery case and connector. The batteries are easy to replace. If you plan on moving up to 18v then you could just add in a 6v 6ah battery in-line (series) with the 12v 12ah battery while retaining the factory battery case and fuse. The fuse can be increase to 40amp over the stock 30amp fuse. Those ride-ons look like the Raptor 700 series quads. They are heavy and a bit slow but 18v does liven them up. Do not go above 18v and do not install a fuse higher than 40A.
You should use a 6V 12AH battery (not 6ah). The capacity (AH) should match between the two batteries. If you use a 6V/6AH, it will be fully run down when the 12V is only half discharged and you will likely damage the 6V battery (due to over-discharge) since the vehicle will keep working.
Hi guys thanks again - batteries come this week so i am excited.

Here is a picture of the wiring inside. I downloaded the definitive wiring chart, but admit i am not sure which component is the board that i wire the new batteries into.

If i am of with reverse being 18v, can i just wire the batteries in line?

Any idea which of these i wire the new batters into?

So your wires that go to your original 12v battery are what 2 colors? White and black, white is +, to connect in series, your + connects to the - of the 6v, and then the + side would go to your 40A in=line fuse, on to the + connection on the wiring harness. This will give you 18v total. BTW, this doesn't have a circuit board on it and relays does it? If so, ramping up to 18v will toast your board. A little more involved if so.

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