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for 12v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 18v
By Biggjimm
So I've got this little tikes hummer that I've been working on. What started as fixing a few little things has turned into a total restoration/ custom fabbed project. Which, by the way, my granddaughter loves!!
Anyways, I am in the process of building a low voltage warning system so that a flashing light and/or an audible alert will notify Eden that it's time to park the truck & charge the batteries. I've got new batteries & would like to keep them in tip top shape for as long as possible.
My questions are:
1) At what voltage should it be shut down & recharged?
2) Should I monitor just the 12v side or at 18v?
My thought was the 12v batteries are going to run down at a faster rate if the 18v is only used in a turbo boost scenario & the 12v batteries would be below their recharge voltage before the 18v side got down to the recharge level. Does that make sense?
I've got 4 brand new mighty Max batteries. 2-12v 12ah & 2-6v 12ah batteries. I've got the 18v interface & turbo timer modules from CJB that handle all the power distribution for the motors. (These modules are awesome! If you're looking to run at 18v whether full time or as a "boost" option these modules are a must have in my book)
So, where in the system should I monitor the voltage & at what voltage do we need to stop & recharge?
Thanks a bunch. Jim

By Biggjimm
I just hooked it to the 12v side of the system & I set the module to 12.1v so when the alarm goes off she can get it back to the garage & on the charger. I put a red & blue alternating flash led & a little buzzer I had laying around on it so she has both a visual & an audible alert when it's time to recharge.
So far we've gotten an hour & a half run time on it & it was still going strong. That was before this system was installed & I forgot to check the volt meter to see where it was at before she put it up but I'm pleased with that. That was not on full time 18v but she was hitting the "turbo" button pretty hard. Lol.
Best on the old battery was like 35 min or something like that.
Just enough to make her mad, then it took like 8 hours to charge it back up for another half hour ride.
By Biggjimm
Thanks CJB.
I initially was going with the disconnect but I didn't want it to shut down completely so I was going to wire it up so I could disable the system for "emergency mode" to be able to still drive it back home. Then I ran across this neat little module on eBay for $5.00 so I decided to see if I could make it work.
It's actually a relay that is to operate a battery charger automatically & is controlled by the voltage. It is fully adjustable so you can configure it in many different ways. It also has a timer function you can set instead of using the high limit to shut turn the charger (or whatever you have hooked to it) off. It's a pretty neat little gizmo especially for $5!
I put a buzzer & flashing led on it with a toggle to disable the buzzer so it's not blaring in her ear all the way home but the led can not be disabled. That way if the buzzer does not get turned back on the visual alarm will always be able to do the job.
I'm gonna try to get some pics of her truck posted soon. I have to stop working on it long enough to figure that out. Lol.
Edit: I almost forgot another nice feature of this module/relay is that it also has a 5v output (which is not switched through the relay, it's hot as long as the module has power to it) that is nice if you run the heat sinks with the little fans as they are 5v or if you needed a USB port for anything.
And it has a serial port which I guess is to hook your laptop to it & program it that way??

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