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for 12v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 18v
By Biggjimm
I've got 4 batteries in this hummer. 2- 12v 12ah & 2- 6v 12ah.
I've got a 30amp fuse on the positive terminal of each battery.
I have not had any issues with it.
It has worked fine but I've read that it should be one 40amp fuse & if the batteries are charged all the way up a 30amp fuse should blow.

Is this correct?
Do I have too many fuses?
Is that even possible?

I want to make sure the fuses are actually providing protection & will blow if there's a problem.
Thanks. Jim

By Biggjimm
It's wired for 12v & 18v.
It runs on 12v for low & reverse & the way it's set up right now in high it starts off on 12v & then jumps up to 18v after 2 or 3 seconds & stays at 18v until she lets off the throttle. And believe me, she doesn't let off the throttle very often. I'm pretty sure she's gonna be a speed freak. Lol.
By Biggjimm
Is one fuse in the system good or should I keep it with one at each battery. Which is 4 fuses.
Actually, one fuse would work out good because I have to dismantle some stuff to get to the fuses on the 12v batteries the way it's set up now.
When I built it, I figured I'd end up switching to circuit breakers (or to the 40 amp fuses) if I found a scenario that caused the fuses to blow on a regular basis. Like going up the big grass hills at one of the parks we go to ride at or something like that.
Thanks for your time.
By Biggjimm
I've got 2 12v 12ah batteries & 2 6v 12ah batteries.
The 12v batteries are paralleled together & the 6v batteries are paralleled together as well but are isolated from the 12v system. No different than if I only had one of each battery except I have double the ah & ride time with two of each.
I have one of CJB's 18v interface modules & turbo timer modules that handle the switching between 12v & 18v as is needed.
The 6v battery only comes into play when the turbo timer module tells the 18v interface module that it's time to go fast & then it sends 18v to the motors instead of 12v.
I currently have a 30 amp fuse on the positive wire of each battery.
I haven't had any problems with it but I wanted to make sure that it wasn't "over fused" & that if there was an issue the fuse would actually blow rather than fry something.
Does that make sense?

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