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If you have a question about a specific model or modification, you might find the answer here.
I'm working on my 1st mod, new to this forum and I would appreciate some advice if anyone is familiar with installing an ESC 24v 500w controller with the use of a hall effect pedal on the Dodge Charger.
I watched a very informative Youtube video posted by WesleyB82. He sells an awesome kit with everything needed for upgrading to 24v with a hall effect pedal. I unfortunately didn't know that there was a complete kit available and wound up purchasing all the parts needed elsewhere. In the future, it would be convenient to purchase from rather than part by part.
Soooo, now I have the ESC; 0-5v hall effect pedal, two JQX-30F 2Z DC 12V Coils 30A 250V AC Power 8 Pin DPDT relays for the brake & reverse, 10 gauge wire, 1 ohm & 100 ohm resistors, potentiometer, DC-DC step down converter, 30 amp resettable circuit breaker, audible back-up indicator, 2 & 3 pin white plastic wire disconnect/connectors, ignition switch....+ more.

Now, I just need one last thing...information on how to use the parts listed above to upgrade my daughters Kidd Traxx police car to 24v without losing the factory siren/ignition/radio sound board or frying it. After seeing the job that 12vWiz did on the fire engine, it's obvious that he is the master modder of the Kid Traxx vehicles. If 12vWiz or anyone else can steer me in the right direction (okay, spoon feed) , my kids and I would really appreciate your help.

I'm using an additional 12v battery to power the accessories such as the dvd radio and other features. I've added a ton of extra unseen features that I would love to share, I'd like to finish this project before Christmas and post the video if possible.
Here are some of my roadblocks:
1) I installed a 6 (5+1 ground) wire ignition switch with 3 positions (off-acc-on) to the 5 wires from the police cruiser, but the ESC only has 2 wires. How do I connect these 2 wires from the ESC to my 5 wire ignition?

2) BTW, I replaced the thin factory wires that are connected to the motors, I used 10 gauge instead. My question is regarding the brake pedal (it was originally the factory throttle pedal, with luck...hopefully it'll be the brake). The pedal has 5 wires connected to the 3 terminals, I guess that I'll have to remove the 2 thin wires that controls the sound board and connect them directly to the battery as 12vWiz suggested in the schematic above, but will the ignition still sound when the key is turned? If not, I can live without this feature if I must.

3) 2 wires from the ESC will connect to the 2 of the 6 terminals on the shifter, but which 2 terminal ?
I'm sure to have more questions, but that's all for now.
Thank you for this forum and any and all help!

Will the schematic posted below help me? I don't think that it will unless I use a step down or resistors because the circuit board probably can't handle 24v, right? I'm using a separate 12v battery (2x 12v to power the car + 1 12v for accessories) to power the accessories. What if I run the circuit board off of the accessory battery, will this work & solve my problem? Will the ignition and other sounds work when the key is turned?

Of course the image below doesn't show the ESC & hall effect pedal in this particular schematic, but if it did, would this be the solution that I'm looking for?


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I haven't tried it myself but it would seem that could work. I have a similar batmobile I've been meaning to upgrade to 24v buy haven't gotten around to it
Unfortunately I know less today about my dilemma than I did 3 yrs. ago when I originally posted questions about modifying my daughter's Kid Trax Dodge Charger police car. I made so many cool modifications and upon completion I planned to share on this forum (GPS, Horn, DVD Stereo w/ flip up screen , Alarm, dual pull out cup holders, Powered hood that opens to a beverage cooler, water cannons (windshield washer pump) to empty the cooler, tons of lights... to name a few), but the one modification that I should've left alone was the 12V-24V ESC conversion. At the time I planned to have this build completed by Christmas 2015, but I didn't purchase the components from EastCoastPowerUps, so We$leyB82 wouldn't answer any questions when I tried contacting him on YouTube and he has since deleted the video that I was attempting to follow. I see that he now offers a new and improved kit on his website,
( ) but I've already invested far too much into this project and in doing so it nearly cost me my marriage. At the time I needed space in the living room for the Christmas tree, so I had to put this project aside. The car has been sitting on my patio and hasn't been used for 3 years while I awaited guidance. Now that my oldest daughter is now too big to use the car, maybe my 7yr. old will get a chance before I have to give it away soon. I'll give it a week, if no one has any suggestions I'll have to give up for good.

I spent the last several hours re-reading old posts on the following thread that I had missed when I started this project.

viewtopic.php?f=46&t=2819&sid=b0bd31f40 ... 7e84ba9eb4

The most useful information regarding the Kid Trax shifter that I was able to find was posted by a user named Zugellos. Unfortunately, I have ADHD and I'm still in way over my head because I'm not too good at comprehending old information from new. However, I do believe that I would be able to follow an updated schematic, if one were available. In the thread that I just mentioned Zugellos received help from several user on this forum including JPartHum, Treebeme, Divinar, 12VWiz, Stoopalini...
Zugellos's Kid Trax was a Mini Cooper, but I see that it uses the same shifter that I have in the Dodge Charger, so I believe that the information that was provided may be helpful.

(dashes represent continuity)
LOW = (+)-----(R+) and (L+)-----(R-) and (L-)-----(-)
HIGH= (+)-----(R+)-----(L+) and (-)-----(R-)-----(L-)
REV = (+)-----(L-) and (R+)-----(-) and (L+)-----(R-)

12VWiz posted the following info w/diagrams on page 2 in post # 38987:
"It looks like there using the same style shifter as the peg LHR style. These two drawings should help you understand the internal switching":
(Sorry, I don't know how to paste the picture that was used).

JPartHum also posted in #39000 and gave a visual that matches the info the Zugellos provided, the information in the image concurs that it is the same as my shifter in the Dodge Charger. In the end, Zugellos does confirm that he was able to work it out with all the help that he received. However, without the schematic image of this workaround, I'm unable to comprehend what the solution looks like.
I don't have much time left to get this worked out and I would really appreciate ANY and ALL the help that I can get on how to accomplish the wiring.
Thank you!

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