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Reviews of powerwheels for Girls! I originally started this site for my daughter and want to make sure we have an area that is dedicated to power wheels for girls. Power wheels modifications for girls or just reviews are all welcome. Dad can post reviews, but it has to be about/for a girly subject.
By jdmech60
Hi everyone. I just thought I would share my daughters jeep that we have been building for them.

As a little background my family has a couple 4x4 trucks that we play at mud bogs with, my daughters call my fathers blazer his hot rod so when I started the project of their jeep they automaticaly started calling it their Hot Rod.
Just after purchase
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WP_20150404_002.jpg (346.49 KiB) Viewed 3193 times
It is just an jammin jeep that I found at a thrift store for $10. Needed a battery and the throttle switch.

I have since converted it to 4 wheel drive and lifted it 2 1/2". I removed the old tires and placed some tires from an old siverado that was given to me(donor truck for parts). I found some 32v 700 series motors and installed on it. I finally got it finished last night for their first bog we go to that has a kids bog just for powerwheels.
I have also bumped up the power to 36v just for this one event.
Finished For now
WP_20150908_22_15_59_Pro.jpg (493.29 KiB) Viewed 3193 times
After this I have found an old scooter that I will be pulling the controller out of and redue my wiring to make things last longer.

Thanks for viewing I appreciate any feed back. new to the modding Powerwheels.

By Roadmonkeytj
If your taking this thing bogging then you gotta put some rubber wheels on it lol
Looking forward to the progress.
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