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Reviews of powerwheels for Girls! I originally started this site for my daughter and want to make sure we have an area that is dedicated to power wheels for girls. Power wheels modifications for girls or just reviews are all welcome. Dad can post reviews, but it has to be about/for a girly subject.
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By huskerplowboy
My 2 daughters have had a Peg Perego Gator for some time now. In late 2017 or early 2018, I got the bright idea that I should build them a second ride-on vehicle. Being a guy, my first thought was a John Deere tractor, custom built to mimic some of the current tractors on their grandpa's farm... Enter Google... While looking for a picture of a Peg Pergo tractor to show them the idea, up pops an image of a purple Ford F150 from Powerwheels... And that was that. "We want a purple pickup!" they chanted...

I tried to fight it to no avail, so my dreams of a fancy tractor with duals all around died...

A couple months later, I got to work on what I've nicknamed "The Spruce Super Duty". The current generation F250's provided the inspiration. They have a pretty square body style and look pretty good to me. Using some images off the internet, I modeled the truck in CAD and started working out how to turn wood and plywood into these shapes.

The body is a unibody construction, entirely of 1/2" plywood. At 230 lbs, I can sit on it without a creak of the wood. Very few screws were used, mostly just exterior grade wood glue. The hood is layered from essentially 3 parts. First part is a 1/4" plywood base piece that makes the outer edges of the hood. On top of that is a piece of 1/2" plywood that was 3D carved to form the tapered ribs of the hood. The nosepiece was carved on the CNC from a 2x4 piece of clear pine. Once a little bondo and a lot of sanding was added, it turned out pretty nice.

Drivetrain uses (currently) 2 motor/gearboxes from Surplus Center that came from an unknown 12V ride-on. They need replaced, maybe with something a little more exciting... They turn pretty slow, so a set of plywood gears provide an "overdrive" to get the ground speed to be similar to the Peg Gator. The front axle was fabricated from steel tube and some flat stock and oscillates on a center pivot to follow the terrain, as the truck is very rigid and won't flex over bumps like the plastic ones do. Tires are Harbor Freight 13" wheels and tires.

I bought the shifter out of the Powerwheels F150 and set it in the center console. Throttle pedal is out of a Peg Perego and sits in a 3D printed "housing" so it could snap-in and sit at the angle I wanted. Steering wheel is also plywood, laminated and rounded over on a router.

The "finished" pics were near the end of December, 2018. Good thing, because I had cut "2018" into the inside of the front quarter panels on the CNC... Still need to make headlight lenses and add LEDs front and rear, but the girls enjoy it as-is. I've already started thinking about motor upgrades, maybe to some electric scooter parts. Plenty of room under the hood for more batteries and a controller...
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