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Reviews of powerwheels for Girls! I originally started this site for my daughter and want to make sure we have an area that is dedicated to power wheels for girls. Power wheels modifications for girls or just reviews are all welcome. Dad can post reviews, but it has to be about/for a girly subject.
By PowerWheelsManIAc
I bought this jeep new a couple years ago for my daughter. This summer her Uncle picked up a solstice for his son that had working headlights and taillights. So of course Alexus wanted her jeep to have lights as well. So that is when I got online and found this site and the obsession began. Head/Tail lights turned into led under lights and interior lights. Also painted some parts to make this one of a kind in our neighborhood. I have not pictured the wiring yet it is still a little messy, but she just wanted her jeep back. Only problem with it so far is the lights flicker when she is on and off the peddle, but I am sure there is a solution for that on this forum.
Stock_Jeep_Resize.jpg (497.09 KiB) Viewed 3655 times
So I went to Harbor Freight and got a pair of the spotlights everyone suggests for use on these jeeps. I cut the holes and installed them. Here is what they look like before.
Here they are working.
I added some 6 led red trailer lights for the taillights that I purchased on ebay. The orange model is easy to find locally but not the red. I painted the black housing purple.
Here they are on.
Interior light, 3 led strip purchased as a pair on ebay. Saving the other for my H2 project.
Here is a side view with the led strips purchased on ebay.
Painted the wheels
By PowerWheelsManIAc
Here are the last of the painted parts. Not shown are the headlight guards that started out white and I painted them purple. Also have a purple license plate frame and IA plate to go on when she picks what she wants on it.
Painted the seat and the inside of the doors.
By modifymomof3
As a new member and first time modifying a power wheels, what can I use in place of the mini spotlight at Harbor Freight? I have searched and unless I'm missing something it looks like they no longer carry them. What is everyone using now?
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