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Reviews of powerwheels for Girls! I originally started this site for my daughter and want to make sure we have an area that is dedicated to power wheels for girls. Power wheels modifications for girls or just reviews are all welcome. Dad can post reviews, but it has to be about/for a girly subject.
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By landon
Since cross-posting's not a big deal, I figure I'll show off this girlie jeep in the girlie section!

It started with a 'lil Wrangler that I bought for parts:
turns out, not many people need parts for these, :lol: , so I tucked it away in the basement until my brother-in-law had twin grandkids... figured this would make a good gift for the new granddaughter (she can drive it in a couple years, right?!) ;)

Here's what it looks like today:

The list of mods:
-upgraded to 2WD using super 6 motors/GBs
-upped to 12V with 2 12v, 7ah batteries
-three-speed throttle pedal
-key switch
-Blue LCD panel-mount voltmeter
-charging jack
-2" lift
-bigger Jeep wheels (front axle fabrication to get 'em to fit!)
-PVC rollbar, windshield, and bumper
-reinforced front bumper mount
-TONS of glitter paint and clearcoat
-Jeep logos made from little jewels
-dashboard digital voltmeter

Hope it still works by the time she's old enough to enjoy it!
The full build details are here.
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