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By LeeHene
I finally wrapped up a project that had been on my wanna-do list since first hopping up my son's Dune Racer. Sadly, he outgrew it before I ever got around to working on it, but my daughter is getting to enjoy it.

The buggy is running on 24v powered through a Kelly controller. Accel is turned down about midway, voltage limited to 18v (back to stock motors at the moment) and current is limited to 50 amps. No issues with gears stripping until yesterday. She was going down a hill with us (on our bikes) and decided to throw it in reverse. Guess I should stock up on gears until I go with direct drive scooter motors.
Its SO much more quiet on the street with rubber tires!!! Love it!
2018-08-12 18.56.07.jpg
2018-08-12 18.56.07.jpg (1.59 MiB) Viewed 1612 times
2018-08-13 11.31.24.jpg
2018-08-13 11.31.24.jpg (1.02 MiB) Viewed 1612 times
2018-08-13 11.32.05.jpg
2018-08-13 11.32.05.jpg (862.51 KiB) Viewed 1612 times
2018-08-13 11.32.36.jpg
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2018-08-13 11.33.13.jpg
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Loving the staggered size look! Did you find any specific deal on the wheels & tires? They're not cheap, though not much worse than buying a full set of new stock tires.
I ordered the wheels/Marathon tires from Northern Tool last year. The fronts are 13x5-6 and the rear are 15x6.5-6. The fronts came with .75 ID bearings, but the rear had bushings. I replaced them with .75 ID bearings as well. Perfect fit on the rear axle, but the front required 7/16 to 3/4" adaptors (made by a good friend at work).
I cut down wheel drivers made for a Power Wheels Kawasaki ATV to bolt up to my modified rear wheel hubs. I taped off the tires and sprayed the rims before mounting them on the buggy.

Total (rough) cost:
$105 for all four wheels and tires (shipped)
$20 for rear bearings.
$13 for wheel drivers (shipped)
$2 for two 7/16" shaft collars
$5 for flat black Rustolium spray paint

I'd like to say it was a piece of cake, but it wasn't. It wasn't brain surgery but it required some OCD type measuring, trimming fitting, and drilling to turn out right.
Certainly worth it. Now its more or less an electric go-kart.
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A quick update:
She put over 4 miles on her buggy Saturday on a single charge. Up and down hills, on and off road and still finished with more power than I figured it would. Toward the end it was a little slower than when we started, but it certainly wasn't struggling to make it back home.
We put rubber tires on our old dune racer. The front tires are angles in. I am able to straighten but they don't stay that way. I can't find any thing on these threads that have touched on this. Has this happened to anyone? We are not sure what the solution is.
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