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Swapping wheels? Adding suspension? Adding traction mods? This is the place for anything between the body and the ground!
So I have a yellow wrangler with wasted wheels. Even when new, the stock wheels (7659's) werent' so great. Going through the search, I saw that the Brute Force Wheels (7873 set) use the same "J" type drive hubs as the Jeep.

Is there anything stopping me from just swapping the bigger wheels with the more aggressive tread? will I need the hubcaps too?
I assume someone has tried this before, but I'm probably not searching the right terms.

any help would be appreciated.

after some more digging, here's what I found o this site.

PW# M7873-2769 (right) available
PW# M7873-2779 (left) available
Hubcap # B9785-2459
Location: Rear, R8126 Brute Force
Driver type: J, M
Dia: 14 1/4
Width: 7 7/8
F.spacing: 2 3/4
B.spacing: 1 1/2
Width @ axle: 3 3/4
Notes: Works on front with "B" bushing

The B7659 wheels look like a good match:

Driver type: J
Dia: 11 1/4
Width: 7"
F.spacing: 1 1/2"
B.spacing: 1 3/4"
Width @ axle: 3 3/4

I'm going to go ahead and order a set of Brute Force wheels and hubcaps.
looks like they'll fit
might have to 'clearance' the rear fenders a bit, tho.
Hopefully you have email notification active?
Would love to know if/how this worked?
The monster traction tires are a bit too aggressive on paved surfaces, but driving off road or mostly on the parkway, the grass sure evens things out, and when the culverts are filled the traction sure helps! I'd like to try it on jeep, non hurricane. Useless overweight stupid hurricane.
Useless overweight stupid hurricane.
Interesting perception. IMO, they're one of the best stock PW out there, and a decent platform for modding. I wish I'd started my wild build on one of them instead of a Wrangler. More wheelbase, and more room for larger drivers.

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