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Swapping wheels? Adding suspension? Adding traction mods? This is the place for anything between the body and the ground!
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By mjHession
I am just getting starting on modifying a Jeep PW. First I did do some searching, but I found unanswered threads or one not quite answering my question. Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere (links as answers welcomed). Will the standard battery/motor/gear combo work with pneumatic tires or will they be too heavy. Looks like they will weigh somewhere between 7 - 9 lbs depending on size.

Any comments are welcome as I am new to this.

Thanks for your help.

By fastal
I have the 10" tires on the PW car I am building for my grandson. The front spindle just wasn't working right with the rubber tires, so I replaced it with a go-kart style front spindle. I welded a 3/4" square tube to the two c pieces that hold the spindle and it fit into the slot on the bottom that the bar usually sits in. On the front tires, I narrowed the hub about 1/2 " to bring the pivot point closer to the center of the tire.
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Here is a picture of how I attached the rear wheels to the Power Wheels gear box:

Put a sleeve in the hub that has a 5/8" od and an id that is the same as the axle shaft.
Get a 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 drain coupler from home depot or Lowes.
Thread the end of the shaft to 1/2" thread for a 1/2" nut.
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I had to cut the heck out of the drivers and then drill my wheels, but it worked out in the end. Also had to cut the axle.

One thing I did was that I used a solid metal, but slightly smaller diameter axle. This allows the axle to "walk" up the sides a little bit when stopping and starting. It doesn't seem like much, but it is just enough to allow the system a little give. The rubber hose also serves this purpose.

When you have motors / gears / rubber / road mechanically locked together something is going to have to give.

The weight of the tires is only noticed when I have to pick the darn thing up. It goes like a champ.
It's not so much a power problem as it is a traction one. As in there's too much of it. Without the slippage of the hard plastic wheels, the not-so-tough plastic gears take one helluva shock load, and they will break. Better life with proportionate throttle, but unless your little driver has excellent pedal control, still expect to be replacing gears frequently.

There's a reason Razors and the like use steel gears, chains and belt drives. I'm running 15" Kenda snowblower tires on my little guy's wrangler, but it's so far from stock we really shouldn't even call it a PW. Custom hand made live axles with differentials and 12v 500w MY1020 motors, and I still had a pair of M5 set screws chew a groove in one of the 5/8" steel axle shafts after awhile.

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