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Swapping wheels? Adding suspension? Adding traction mods? This is the place for anything between the body and the ground!
I've done some searching and researching through the archives, but I want to know your opinions on what you believe the best traction options are for F150 with Monster Traction Stock Wheels. All options will be considered. The ride currently has (will have) MLToys 7R Stage IV Torque motor/gearbox (775 motors tuned for max torque, and first steel pin), and 18V (eventually will upgrade to 24V once my kid outgrows the novelty of 18V). So far the only ones I know about are:

1. BMX Tires, cut and then glued/screwed to stock tires
2. Traction Spray (I doubt I will go this route)
3. Ride On Mower tires cut and then glued on stock (not sure if these tires are too big for F150)
4. Get Pneumatic tires (is this even possible for F150?) check out jeep wrangler tire mod with tractor mow ride on tires -->

Please chime in.
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What sort of traction problems are you having? What terrain do you plan to use it on? What voltage will you be going to?
If you haven't already purchased those upgraded boxes, I would take a pause. The monster traction wheels do have some pretty good traction at times and are good at breaking gearboxes, even (especially?) "upgraded" ones.

An 18v conversion with stock components is lots of fun, and not too harsh on the parts. Next step is usually a 24v ESC conversion. That's even more fun and a necessity before considering modifying traction. The monster traction wheels are really meant for grass only. If you want to run pavement, you could go all pneumatic, which is tricky, but doable.

Or, if you really want a nice ride, good power, and durability, copy this build with scooter motors and a jackshaft. viewtopic.php?f=9&t=18516 In the end, you won't be spending a whole lot more than those "upgraded" gearboxes and will have a much better product to show for it.
You Say All Pneumatic is tricky.

This is what my leading candidate is as of right now: item number: 231822. 15x6" lawn tractor tires.
This wheel has been adapted to a Power Wheels Jeep.
PW standard driver meshes with bolts installed into wheel.
1/2" PEX waterline makes a great sleeve to adapt 5/8" wheel to 1/2 PW axle.

To me this doesn't look tricky but rather straight forward. Am I wrong into thinking this will be easy to do, and will work for my Ford F150? The tractor tires are the same width at 6.5", and the wheel hub driver looks pretty easy to fabricate onto the tractor tire.

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I tried it, was super smooth, but also super heavy.. steering was waay too stiff, my kid couldn't steer at all, would have to modify servo to make it power assisted and plastic parts would have to be replaced with something more durable to make the upgrade feasible, I wouldn't recommend it without major mods/build
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