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By Hoekapika
Hello everyone, any tips on repainting escalade hubcaps bought an escalade for 50 bucks just for the wheels im going to put on my sons tmnt jeep. Should i sand first if so what type of sand paper and what type of paint.

Also on the escalade the motors and gear boxes are good should i swap them with the jeeps.


Probably sand prime paint, krylon fusion
Use super fine sandpaper, I think they were talking up towards 400?
I haven't done any paint work, but that's what most people have been doing.
As for gearboxes, look at both, again they may be the same. Since your at tires don't forget to grease the gearboxes.

Is the escalade headlight flat or curved for the corner? If curved, can I buy them?
By edac
I'm not a painter, but all you're looking to do is scuff up the entire area so the paint has something to adhere to. Scotch brite pad, extra fine sand paper, 800 grit or finer sand paper. A couple of coats of primer then more sanding. Paint will not hide anything, no small grit sand paper or all the scratches will show up. Then paint, I like to clear over the color to make it pop. Clear over color looks better then just glossy paint.

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