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Mustang Power Wheels minor modifications

PostPosted:Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:35 am
by PacificPilot
Greeting everyone! I wanted to share what I've done so far to my son's PW.

I noticed that when my 80lbs nephew rides with him, the front wheels would camber, so I made a cut to house the extra support.

PW Cut for Extra Support.jpg
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It's strange that after the cut, it seemed that it was meant to have the extra support. Here's what it looked like afterwards.

PW Extra Support.jpg
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I discovered that the galvanized steel that I used wasn't stiff enough to support the top, so I switched locations with the original support, and also I sandwiched a thrust bearning for easier steering.

Thust bearing01.jpg
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I might weld a T bar later to replace the steering knuckles and place the support on top and bottom ends.

I cut up a bicycle tire and riveted them on the rear wheels, used a single 700 X 40C tire from my hybrid bike, it had plenty of rubber. Still, I stretched it a bit to make the tire profile low.

PW Rubber tire.jpg
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I hate the grinding noise that the plastic wheels make on pavement when it's running over tiny pebbles, so I'll try spraying the front tires with Flex Seal, and hope to reduce that noise, then maybe I'll do the same for the rear tires. :D :D :D

My son's only four, turning five in September, so I hope that he'd be able to ride this car for a few more years.