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2 piece rim options

PostPosted:Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:19 am
by Kyle
I have tried searching, but it seems "escalade" and "Hurricane" are hated by the search option..

I am going to put the lawnmower tires, with tubes on my daughter's Hurricane, but then started liking the look of the Escalade wheels, especially since I am reading that they will fit..

EDIT.. Now I see the Escalade/Silverado wheels aren't a 2 piece design like the Hurricane, which screws up my plans for a bigger rim with rubber tires

Are there any rims with a larger diameter than the Hurricane that work? I have tried looking up all the cake pan methods people keep mentioning, but have yet to find a detailed HOW-TO, on how to make the wheel faces.. I get the concept of the cake pan being a back, but I'm not finding much info