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Swapping wheels? Adding suspension? Adding traction mods? This is the place for anything between the body and the ground!
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By taz11
This thread will be a work in progress. Wheels for older PWs are hard to come by and none of the parts suppliers offer specs on wheels. It's guess work for most to buy parts for a custom job. I'm short of time but I am going to make an attempt to record as much info as I can when I have vehicles apart.
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Here is a diagram to help make sense of all the numbers I'll be throwing your way.

Wheel template.JPG

To use the info in this thread, this is the proper way to measure your wheels.


Wheels 003.jpg

Overall Width:

Wheels 001.jpg

Back spacing and front spacing (don't forget to install the hubcap on the front!)

Wheels 002.jpg

"Width at axle" can be measured with a small tape measure or a pen/pencil stuck in the axle hole.

So we are on the same page, here is how I will be measuring wheel drivers. From the flange face to the point where the drive webs bottom out on the gearbox driver. ****I AM NOT INCLUDING THE DUST SHIELD EXTENSION IN THE MEASUREMENT*****

Driver template.JPG

I will be updating the first few posts in an attempt to keep the important info in one spot and not spread through pages of misc comments. It will also make moving the info to the FAQ easier if we feel it is a worthy move.

The goal is not to say "what fits what"....just give you the info needed to figure out what will work for YOUR project.
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WHEEL DRIVERS (I will add these as I come across them) Some pics "STOLEN" from Hobbymasters...Thanks Alan! You can click on the Hobbymasters link at the bottom of your screen and use his diagrams for application info. (and to buy them if you need them.....Don't forget MLTOYZ for used stuff ;) )

Type "A" (letter ID is for purposes of this thread only)("available" = at time of posting)
PW # 73233-2239 available
Width @ axle 11/16"
_73233-2239.jpg (2.42 KiB) Viewed 8460 times

Type "J" (letter ID is for purposes of this thread only)
PW # 74460-2269 available
Width @ axle: 2"
74460-2249.jpg (3.82 KiB) Viewed 8460 times

Type "M" (letter ID is for purposes of this thread only)
PW # J4390-2269 available
Width @ axle: 11/16"

Type "4" (Number ID is for purposes of this thread only)
PW # L2170-2249 available
Width @ axle: 3/4"
wheels 007.jpg
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BUSHINGS Bushings do not add to the width of the wheel unless noted.

Bushing "A" (letter ID is for purposes of this thread only)
PW # 74550-2689 available
74550-2689.jpg (1.68 KiB) Viewed 8451 times

Bushing "B" (letter ID is for purposes of this thread only)
PW # B9785-2229 available
Wheels 008.jpg

Bushing "C" (letter ID is for purposes of this thread only)
PW # J8472-2379 available
wheels 003.jpg

Bushing "D" (letter ID is for purposes of this thread only)
PW # P4266-2759 available
NOTE...This is the same as "C" but adds a 5/8" in width @ axle.
wheels 004.jpg
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PW# 74460-2459 Discontinued
Hubcap:74460-6579 Discontinued
Driver type: J,M
Location: Front, Rear...Lifted Jeeps, Silverados
Dia:13 1/2
Width:7 7/8
F.spacing: 3/4 (with hubcap)
B.spacing: 2 5/8
Width @ axle:4 1/2 (with hubcap)
NOTES: Requires bushing "A" when used on front. Seperate part numbers for purple, pink, and blue
Wheels 006.jpg

PW# M7873-2789 (right) available
PW# M7873-2799 (left) available
Hubcap # B9785-2459
Driver type: N/A Type"B" bushing
Location: Front, R8126 Brute Force
Dia:14 1/4
Width:5 7/8
F.spacing: 2 3/4 (w/hc)
B.spacing: 1/8
Width @ axle: 3"
Wheels 009.jpg

PW# M7873-2769 (right) available
PW# M7873-2779 (left) available
Hubcap # B9785-2459
Location: Rear, R8126 Brute Force
Driver type: J, M
Dia: 14 1/4
Width: 7 7/8
F.spacing: 2 3/4
B.spacing: 1 1/2
Width @ axle: 3 3/4
Notes: Works on front with "B" bushing
Wheels 010.jpg

jerseycj8 forwarded his findings on the much needed (discontinued) Adventure quad wheels. The above Brute Force wheels look like a good match to me! You can even reuse your old hubcaps ;)

PW Kawasaki Adventure 4x4 B9785 (discontinued)

Front wheels: B9785-2299 (discontinued)
Driver type: N/A
Type B Bushing
Diameter: 13 5/8”
Width: 5 7/8”
Front Spacing: 2 7/8”
Back Spacing: 1/8”
Width at axle: 3”

Back wheels: B9785-2159 (discontinued)
Driver type: J
Diameter: 13 3/4”
Width: 7 7/8”
Front Spacing: 2 5/8”
Back Spacing: 1 5/8”
Width at axle: 3 5/8”

Hubcaps (4): B9785-2459

PW # J8472-2269 (R) available
PW # J8472-2339 (L) available
Hubcap # J8472-2459
Location: P8814 Artic Cat (F & R)
Driver type: 4 (Rr)
Bushing type: C,D (Frt) (D adds width @ axle)
Diameter: 13 1/2"
Width: 6"
FS: 2 3/8"
BS: 1/4"
Width @ axle: 3 1/4"
wheels 005.jpg

PW # J8472-2269 (R) available
PW # J8472-2339 (L) available
Hubcap # W2602-6479
Location: W2602 Dune Racer (F)
Driver type: 4
Bushing type: D,C (D adds width @ axle)
Diameter: 13 1/2"
Width: 6"
FS: 2
BS: 1/4"
Width @ axle: 3 5/8
wheels 006.jpg

PW# J5248-2369 (tire) available
PW# W2602-2459 (Inner Rim /Driver) available
PW# W2602-6469 (outer Rim) available
Location: W2602 Dune Racer (R)
Driver: Integrated
Bushing: N/A
Diameter: 15"
Width: 6 1/2"
FS: 1/2"
BS: -3/8 (integrated driver protrudes 3/8)
Width @ axle: 5 7/8 ***USES 3/4 TUBULAR AXLE***
wheels 001.jpg
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i see the parts here .. one thing that confuses me with wheel swaps .. which wheels and drivers fit which GBs
and interchange info is nice thanks lol
been looking for some of this info for a while and tomorrow a couple projects come back off the "figure it out later"
All PW brand wheel drivers work with all PW brand gearboxes.
i have a peg that need NLA wheels :/
... any chance os a rubber tire conversion thread in the future tire section???
jerseycj8 wrote:FYI - CONFIRMED - the Brute Force wheels listed above work perfectly on the Kawasaki Adventure 4x4 without any modifications.

+1 -- Now if we could just figure out the trailer tires...
VinDog wrote:
jerseycj8 wrote:FYI - CONFIRMED - the Brute Force wheels listed above work perfectly on the Kawasaki Adventure 4x4 without any modifications.

+1 -- Now if we could just figure out the trailer tires...

OK, so I pulled an Arctic Cat tire and tried it out on the Kawasaki Adventure trailer. It's actually a good fit. The AC tire is an inch or so taller, but it does not appear to interfere with the trailer fenders. The center tread is actually beyond the edge of the trailer, which helps. It seems like it would need a longer axle, but some 7/16" rod stock from Ace or the Depot isn't all that much, if there's no old axle to be found laying around. It also would require new hub caps.

(Yes, I know I put a right tire on the left side of the trailer. I'm considering pulling the other AC tire and trying it out, but I'm thinking my trailer tires are good enough for The Flip.)

The best part is if you replace all 6 tires, you would be approaching the $75 threshold for $9.99 shipping from HobbyMasters. Just add some hub caps and push nuts, and you're ready to go...

AC Tire on KA Trailer 1.jpg

AC Tire on KA Trailer 2.jpg

Excuse the cell phone pics.

Brute Force tires listed above on the ATV, and KFX / Arctic Cat tires (J8472-2339 Left, J8472-2269 Right, J8472-2459 Hub Cap (2x), J8472-2469 Center Cap (2x)) on the trailer should do the trick...
I am Confused I am looking for a replacement for the wheel 74460-2459 which is discontinued. It is for a silverado truck. I bought this used and my son loves the thing but it needs new tires can any one help with what other tires I can use. thanks
silverado wrote:I am Confused I am looking for a replacement for the wheel 74460-2459 which is discontinued. It is for a silverado truck. I bought this used and my son loves the thing but it needs new tires can any one help with what other tires I can use. thanks

As I understand it, the replacement tires people are using are the Escalade tires. The first time you replace them, you will need to get the escalade hub caps to go with them. Hobbymasters has them in regular and chrome. If you order from them, remember to use the modifiedpoerwheels discount code for 10% off. Figure a dozen dollars or so for each tire and $5 for each hub cap.
You'll also need three .437" (7/16") push nuts (only remove one from the rear axle and pull the whole axle out)
On the subject of axles, it sounds like the axles will stick out a little extra through the escalade tires. You may need some 7/16" washers. Or, you could cut the axles down if you are confident in your skills and that you will never find silverado tires again. (The latter is likely a reasonable assumption)
Also, be careful when you remove the front tires. There are bushings on the backsides of the tires that like to fall off and roll under things. You need these bushings. The wheel drivers act as the bushings on the rear tires.

Of course, you could look for used tires in the for sale thread, or post a WTB, but after you pay shipping and get tires with half the life gone, you'll probably regret not getting something new. A week ago, MLToys had one silverado tire in stock, a new one, maybe the last new one in the universe.

The last option is to keep your eyes on craigslist for a parts car. If you can find a silverado or fire rescue jeep in rough shape with no battery for $40, you're probably just as well off as any other option. Of course, it doesn't have to be in bad shape or have no battery. They're just cheaper that way.

Can someone else verify the Escalade info is correct? TAZ? (I know you can, since you did for me already) :D

One of these days, I'm going to pull the wheels off my F-150 and check out the fit on the silverado or fire rescue jeep. People were thinking they might fit, but the F-150 tires were not available as replacements back then, since they would still have been under warranty on a new model.
silverado wrote:Do you have a part number for those Escalade tires and hub caps. Thanks so much this is a great help to me and my Son will be very happy.

I forgot, you can also check eBay for tires.

Go to and click on the power wheels link on the left side of the page, then click on the top left icon for parts diagrams. When the whole list comes up of all the vehicles, use your browser's "find" or "search" feature to locate the various escalade models. (In internet explorer, click on Edit, "Find on This Page...")

Clicking on a link will bring up the individual parts diagram for a vehicle. Find the number that is pointing to the wheel in the picture, then locate that number on the list on the bottom of the page. The part number will be there.
EXAMPLE: ... /H0438.pdf

You can copy and paste that number into the search box on the hobbymasters site, but not on the parts diagram page, since there is no search box on the pdf. Check to see if there is a left and right tire. Sometimes, they only show one side tire. The other side tire (usually the right one) is usually listed on the bottom of the far right column, in the "parts not shown" section. Hub caps should work on either side.
I would wait to order until someone with more knowledge confirms the information I have posted regarding the escalade tires. I just figured I could save them some typing...

Check out a few different escalade parts drawings. Beware of the barbie models, since the tires may be purple or pink or something.
And surf through the hobbymasters site a little bit before placing your order for other items you never knew you absolutely needed. :D
You're probably looking at close to $70 plus $20 of shipping for a full set of tires and hubcaps. When you hit a $99.99 order, Shipping Special is only $9.99. You can select that at the end of the checkout process.

And no worries, hobbymasters ships quickly. When the new tires arrive, before you install them, make sure you get every last bit of use out of the old ones. Jack that silverado up to 18v and take you son out to a parking lot for some power slides! :D
Please forgive me for using the words wheel and tire as though they were the same. It's getting late, and I'm getting pretty wheeled...
After alot of reading looking for tires that will fit the Kawasaki Adventure 4x4, I seen alot of threads (including this one) stating that the Brute Force tires will fit the Kawasaki Adventure 4x4. The only thing I could find info on really though was that the Brute Force tires will fit on the rear end of the Adventure. I didn't really find anything about the front tires. I also was unable to find Brute Force front tires so wasn't able to tell if the Brute Force fronts would fit the adventure or not.

I did a little checking and have CONFIRMED that the tires off of a Kawasaki KFX quad will fit on the front of the Adventure without any modifications. (Other then maybe removing the metal washer and will also need to use the bushing and hub caps from a KFX as well) They will also fit on the rear as well, although i'd personally recommend the Brute Force tires on the rear end as they are wider (Similar to the stock tires of the Adventure).

Good thing is, the tread pattern on the brute force and the KFX tires are the same.

Just thought i'd throw all that out there for anyone that may not have already known

Part # for the KFX tires
LEFT Wheel - J8472-2339
RIGHT Wheel - J8472-2269
Center Hubcap (4 prongs) - J8472-2469
Wheel Bushing - J8472-2379
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Front Brute Force wheels definitely work on the Adventure 4X4 fronts.
The KFX tires are the same as the arctic cat. I just put brute force tires on an arctic cat, and it looks mean and runs great, especially at 18v. Needed a longer rear axle, around 32".

Arctic Cat with Brute Force Tires.jpg
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these wheels on hobbymasters M7873-2769 ... -Tire.aspx

look like they would use the "regular" power wheels set up (and what I mean is NOT the wheels that need inner and outer rims)

problem is,HM doesnt give specs so after searching through many of the parts diagrams that I THOUGHT these would go to, does anyone know if these look familiar to you as to what dimensions they are or what vehicle they come off of? I am looking to pick up another extreme machine and eliminator and one of the rides wheels are ripped open. I know I can use the HM recommended replacement because the originals are discontinued but you also have to buy the inner and outer rims to go with it. if I got the wheels mentioned initially (m7873) it may be a relatively easy swap.

any help would be great!
They are listed above with dimensions. There is a right and left so you need 2 part numbers. You still need a hubcap for them which is listed above also.

Used on ATRex and new Brute Force
I know this thread is about tire swapping but wanted to at least post my tire upgrade effort for my son's Ford Raptor. I tried a couple different sizes but found that the MASSFX 16x8.00-7 ATV tires fit perfectly around the Raptors existing tires - the set of 4 cost $100 on Amazon. The nice thing is I was able to reuse the hubcap and the plastic tire fit very snuggly in the tire. Took some work to get them into it but they fit. I went this route instead of pneumatics because of the weight. I saved a significant amount of weight by using the plastic tires instead of steel pneumatics. I unfortunately can't say how well these tires will work with other wheels.

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