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I have a jeep hurricane power wheel and i have it going from a 6 volt to a 12 volt battery but when my niece rides it it stops and the motor isn't hot cause it does it like 3 min after she is on it so just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to why it does this......i am thinking maybe cause i have the 6 volt going into the 12 volt battery

Its a red fisher price 6 volt battery and a 12 volt fisher price battery with a orange top and its in a series and the both was fully charged i am thinking maybe in a lose wire in the gas petal or the shifter now cause as long as she keeps the petal down its fine it only does it when she stops and goes it just quits on her lol
Internal breaker in the red battery is most likely tripping. The hurricane stock battery (orange top) has an internal 40 amp breaker. The 6v red PW battery are only 20amp (if I recall correctly). That's why it will run again after a few minutes.
No on the 6v 40A battery, YES on the aftermaket sealed lead acid (SLA) battery. As long as you continue to use a stock battery with an internal breaker you do not NEED to fuse the 6v battery. The series circuit would already be protected by the breaker. It's a matter of preference in that configuration. You could install a fuse rated lower than the 40A breaker to prevent the breaker from wearing out. Once the breakers trip they start to trip easier with time and use. Check out the FAQ section and read up on upgrading the batteries for some more information; easy reading and very helpful. It is best to use batteries of equal amp hour (AH) ratings. Stock 12v PW batteries are rated at 9.5 AH. When upgrading, most people install 12 AH batteries to increase the run time (a moving kid is a happy kid). Increasing the AH is a good move when going from 12v to 18v because the amp draw is also increased (which decreases the run time). It's all a game of give and take. Check out the sight and read up on some upgrades that others have done and you will get the hang of what you want/need in no time. :)
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Ok here's a update the wires are good the batteries are good the hooks ups are all good but yet it still does it she will get on it drive it for like 5 min if even that it will stop on her and then a few min later go again so i took the 6 volt off and had her run it on just 12 volts and it ran fine no probs at all so i am at a lost lol
The red battery that you removed is the problem. It has a low amperage internal breaker that is tripping and resetting. Please reread the previous replies to your post.
What kind of batteries? The orange top 12v PW battery has a 40A breaker and the gray top PW battery has a 30A breaker. At 24v it still sounds like it is tripping an internal breaker. Remember when you increase the voltage your hurricane has the potential to increase the amperage greatly. Is it being driven in the grass or up/down hills? The terrain will cause strain on the motors which increases current draw. The fact that the hurricane stops after 5 minutes and will restart after a short period of time still points toward the internal breaker being an issue. At 18v I would suspect the red PW battery. At 24v it could be one of the 12v batteries. If you can run it at 12v with no problem I would still suspect the battery breaker as your problem. The hurricane PW jeeps came stock with the orange top batteries due to the increased weight and, in turn, current draw spikes over 30A.
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Breakers get weaker after being tripped repeatedly and fuses have variances to their rating. I.E. a breaker rated at 40A may trip sooner due to wear and a 40A fuse may blow at 35-45 amps (example only). A fuse will also withstand an over-current spike better than a worn breaker. Based on all of the info given, I am going to stand by the internal breaker being the issue with your hurricane. If you have a 25 or 30 amp fuse you can install it in the 12v 12ah (kid trax?) battery and run your 24v setup and watch it blow before the orange top PW breaker trips.
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