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Anything you want to put here that is "G" rated that doesnt really fit anywhere else
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Brand loyalties run strong in the outboard market but here is a new entry that deserves serious consideration.

The new Evinrude G2, an outboard like no other.

600 lb/ft of torque! That's HD diesel pickup territory!
about 20% better fuel economy and 75% cleaner emissions than competing 4-strokes
Adjustable variable electric/hydraulic power assist steering
Five years maintenance free!

Manufacturers regularly "one-up" each other, this is like a TEN-UP leap over anything else out there. Truly amazing :D

Wow, that's a high tech looking engine! We still run a 2-Stroke 100 on our Whaler. We have to keep it up at our place in Oregon because of the Cali Emissions Nazis. :evil: One of these days they'll outlaw 2-strokes everywhere and we'll have to go high tech. I don't even want to know how much one of those costs! :shock:
Believe it or not, that's actually a 2-stroke too. 75% cleaner than anything else on the market.

As far as costs go, they are supposed to be mid-pack among competitors. I'm estimating it costing somewhere around 87 to 89 new 2-seater PW jeeps... :lol:
wired wrote:Looks like they are improving on the e-tec. I was surprised to see how heavy they are.
About 40 lbs gained. Not too bad considering most of that weight was already part of the boat (steering cylinder and oil tank)

Another really cool feature is called i-trim. Turn it on and it automatically trims in and out to optimum settings. I'm constantly amazed at how many customers I come across with years of boating experience yet they don't know how to properly use their trim
It's not just the 40lbs of the new model it's the overall fact that they have a 2 stroke that weighs as much as a 4 stroke (e-tec are the same way). The weight used to be a big factor in deciding what motor to hang. I love the no break in and 5000 hour no maintenance feature. Good lord man. Take my money now please. I can't wait to see the smaller outboards become available.
I hear you on the trimming. MEMORY RECALL: After about 10 solid minutes of porpoising I had to ask a capt (friend of mine) to please trim the motor down a bump or two to make the world level out. Flat calm and we were bouncing like cruising through 4 foot rollers @ 30kts. Ah, memories.
I will be working on my flounder lights tomorrow!!!!
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So far, the only 4-stroke that's lighter is the Yamaha SHO. I was there for that launch it that too was amazing. The first 4-stroke ever to outrun 2-strokes! A lot of impressive work done on that motor to keep the weight down. It shed over a hundred pounds an ounce at a time. Each bolt was cut to length. Aluminum was swapped for composite everywhere possible, even the back of the cam lobes were shaved super thin to gain every last bit of savings.

That motor impresses engine builders in any industry. It has a few downsides though. Oil control is one of them. Many of the ones we have running around burn 4-stroke oil faster than the HPDI would burn 2-stroke oil :o We've turned to running conventional oil instead of the recommended synthetic, the thicker oil doesn't run past the rings as bad.

I sell (and service :x ) all brands, and up till now the Yamaha SHO was my favorite in the 200+ category. I heard a little about this motor 5 years ago. Safe to say they have put a LOT of R&D into this new motor, pulling some tech from their Rotax line. I came away thouroughly impressed after the demo rides. :D
Growing up on the bayou, I've always been an Evinrude fan. ;) We have a '98 30 hp on the little Whaler.

I like the early Yamaha and Nissan/Tohatsu 2 strokes as well. Tohatsu made a great outboard back then. Don't care much for 4 strokes but this Evinrude looks like it may be an exception.
Nothing to fear, it's still a 2 stroke :D
o-0 been playing with an old merc 888 stern drive here
ford 302 with 351 heads planed and ported with hardened seats 4bbl carb and malory ign. ... slings the old cabin cruiser up on plane QUICK .... roughly 30 sec later the throttle has to be backed off though :/ small lake ... 4,500 rpms is quite nice though and getting there sounds like a classic boss302 at the drag strip ^_^
that said .... if it stands up to the name on the side (never had an evinrude fail me) that should be a good toy

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