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Anything you want to put here that is "G" rated that doesnt really fit anywhere else
Last Friday was 2 in a row for James......Absolutely astounding display of patience and control....Proud papa :D [video][/video]

He lead the Jr Animal feature for ten laps and then pulled a "whoopsie"....cost him 2 spots. Oh well, good effort.
...... Make that 3 in a row :D 8-)
Benefit night win-James.jpg
Benefit night win-James.jpg (57.13 KiB) Viewed 7088 times

Video on my You Tube channel "taz11xx" for those that want to see it.

"Benefit Night"..... Car show, raffle, Chinese Auction. The club raised $3200 for Special Olympics.
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This is cool.......

One of our own is fastest in the country :D ... 8425.story
Biehldm wrote:That's great.Jeff burtons kids also race.I cant remember if it go karts or 1/4 midgets.
S I S.....I think she is running at Hamlin about 4 in a row........ :shock: :D

Then he backed that up with his first Jr Animal win! YEAH BABY!!
double 8-23-13.jpg
double 8-23-13.jpg (75.5 KiB) Viewed 7045 times

No videos this camera chick (wife :lol: :P ) had work duty in the food stand.
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Not openly, not sure what they say in private.

Gotta put the Honda car back together. Some of it came home in a box. :roll:
Coming back in a box is never good.

And nothing wrong with other crews secretly hating the crew chief, thats just jealousy speaking. Much more of a concern is when the other drivers start to hate your driver, the way Jame's driving in those videos I dont think thats an issue except for jealousy again.

On the mod car last night our young driver got into a shoving match with a car who just happened to have two other family members in the race. Wasn't long before big brother took the bumper to him 25 laps into the 30 lap make up feature. Got the bumper cut off and repaired as best we could before time trials for the 75 lap main event. :-)
Coming back in a box is never good.
It's the down side to running good........they only tear down the top 3.

I guess I put it back together right....... Five in a row last night!.....SMOKIN" :D :D :D :D :D

I have to post the vid for this one (when I get it on You Tube). Pass for the win in the last turn coming to the flag...YEAH BABY! And the crown goes wild! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The crowd might have also liked the fact that the previous leader and 3rd place tangled and wrecked across the line......Wild finish.
9-6 Results. "Twin Twenties" (two 20 lap features)

Charlene- Lead 3/4 of the first one, dropped to 3rd after getting tied up in lapped traffic. In the second one she got set back for jumping the start and pretty much stayed there.

James- Novice/Jr Honda "in a row" streak is over :cry: Started dead last, made it up to second only to lock bumpers with the 3rd place car. They both went to the rear with 2 to go. Second feature...won that one by far. We missed one, but can still say we won 6 weeks in a row....7 or 8 for the year :D

James- Jr animal.......still struggling with consistency...... Not the best night here. 4th and 4th
9-13 Results

"Beat the Clock" Timed qualifying

Charlene-Second quick, 2nd in the feature.

Novice- Second quick, 1st in the feature.
Jr animal- Qualified in the rear, 2nd in the feature. Made a major discovery on this car....adjusted the driver slightly.....Goes real good now
Two "regular season" shows left. Then there is "Funday". James will move to the Sr classes for that and Charlene will move out of beginners to the Jr class.

Then its time to get crackin' on the firewood.
If its still there when I get caught up....I'd be glad to take it. I will be going to collect more after this winter. Just about out.
Biehldm wrote:How do the kids stand in points for the season?
They don't do points. The drivers get a "report card" at the end of the year.

Last weeks results 9-20

Charlene, 3rd
James Honda, 1st
James Jr Animal, Finished 3rd...then moved to 2nd when the winner failed post race tech for illegal exhaust.
The win streak is over....... :o :shock: OUCH! makes my neck hurt.

James was fine until he learned his car was trashed.

We calmed down the driver in time for the Jr Animal race and pulled off a second place finish.
It looks like the frame is straight.

Bent list....
2 shocks
front axle
misc rods
right tie rod is snapped clean off

Gonna be a busy week.... I have to set up all 3 cars to run the next class next week.

James goes to Sr, and Charlene moves to Jr Honda.

On a brighter note....I finally put together a highlight video from last year..... :oops: better late than never. I love how it came out, not bad for a computer idiot!

Awesome video!!!
Scaled it last night. Good to go, sorta.... I had to add 25 pounds to run Sr Honda this week. The only place I can add it to gives me 57% rear weight. I want 60 to 62%........Not Ideal, but will have to do. Hopefully, the driver will gain weight over the winter and I can take some out and restore the 62%.

I'm setting up the Animal car tonight for Sr, hope I don't have the same issue.....
Charlene did a great job last night in her Novice debut.....a solid 4th place finish out a field of 10.

James also put on a good show in 120 open. He got a mark on the first lap which sent him to the back. He came through traffic to take the lead in about 3 laps. He lead most of the race only to get "drop kicked" out of the way with a lap or 2 to go. James did a great job of saving the car and held on for 2nd place.

In Sr Animal it was only James and his buddy Adam.......oh boy :shock: :? . Great show by both of them. James took the lead about 10 laps in. Adam took it back about 10 laps later. The two cars where never further than 6 feet apart the whole race.

And to end the I closed the trailer doors, the skies opened up about timing!
2013 Season in review... per the BMQMA top 3 results list.

Events run 17

Charlene: Wins-1, Seconds-3, Thirds-2, DNF-0
James-Honda: Wins-9, Seconds-4, Thirds-2, DNF-1
James-Animal: Wins-1, Seconds-6, Thirds-2, DNF-0
2013 QMA promotional video....


This was at a paved track....still a neat piece.
Neat video. Though I'm sure some liberally applied powder could have fixed that darn high-traction pavement... :roll: :lol:
2013 Awards Banquet
banquet (2).jpg
banquet (2).jpg (43.33 KiB) Viewed 6421 times
banquet (4).jpg
banquet (4).jpg (88.72 KiB) Viewed 6421 times
banquet (3).jpg
banquet (3).jpg (159.29 KiB) Viewed 6421 times
banquet.jpg (85.73 KiB) Viewed 6421 times
Beginner 67
2013 Beginner 67.jpg
2013 Beginner 67.jpg (110.61 KiB) Viewed 6421 times
Jr Animal 68
2013 Jr Animal 68.jpg
2013 Jr Animal 68.jpg (112.69 KiB) Viewed 6421 times
Novice 68
2013 Novice 68.jpg
2013 Novice 68.jpg (110.91 KiB) Viewed 6421 times
looks like the kids had a good time :D Those trophy's are almost as big as they are! :lol:
For the local members..... ... 153&page=1

Taz Motorsports will have all 3 cars on display in the BMQMA booth. (Assuming I get my trailer dug out of the snow drift)
Yeah yeah! Almost ready to rumble. New powdercoat on Charlene's car....looks sharp "candy purple". I'll have to get some pics up.

You have one more MPW graduate to cheer for this year. Never enough's joining the madness. I missed the last driver training day but I just checked out the pics and I see he has graduated from the remote kill box! Great job!

Hey NE, feel free to post your updates here if you want.
I try not to clutter up this thread with my pointless comments as I love reading the updates. I guess I will get to see them first hand this year lol.

My little driver did good last weekend, he started following the line better and did an amazing job at avoiding an accident right in front of him. He still has some issues with lining up side by side but single file he is about a foot off the lead cars bumper. He also got better with the braking lol and not sliding around the corners as cool as it looked.

His ability to get the car so sideways and then straighten it out without ever losing it is 100% due to the modded powerwheels. He burned up many tires sliding on the asphalt.
Yeah I am starting to realize how much trouble I am in but its fun :D The BMQMA group holds a great training program for the kids and Taz has been great in helping me out so far.... and season hasn't even started yet :D.

I won't clutter up Taz's topic with videos but here is 2 from this weekend. Lots of yellow flag laps but they had a few green lap racing. We are both still learning and the videos help a lot to correct things, plus I see things from his view.

So its finally here! Wahoo. The 2014 season starts tomorrow night!


........oh wait......looks more like RAININ' RAININ' RAININ........ Boooooooooooooo :evil:

Which one of you clowns ordered this weather? :P :P :P
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