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Anything you want to put here that is "G" rated that doesnt really fit anywhere else
Here's the new frame color for the 67. I tried and tried but was unable to capture the true effect on camera. Its called "Illusion Purple"

It pretty much glows in the sun, although I can't seen to get that part on film.
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IMG_20140328_165204_996.jpg (400.15 KiB) Viewed 7279 times
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Tonights races cancelled due to rain.......

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

NE....see, all that heavy drinking you did last night was for nothing! :P :lol:
LOL nope all was calm here. I decided the other night we were going to sit this race out. We went over a lot and I wanted him to get a little more practice and feel a bit more confident behind the wheel before I let him loose in the pack.

We will be up at the track tomorrow practicing everything we went over. No matter what we will be racing next Friday.
Biehldm wrote:Must be nice to get rain.

You know where you can stick your rain! :evil: :P :P :P :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll:
Well, If at first you don't succeed.......

Looks like we're off to Pocono on Sunday. I have 3 race cars and 2 drivers just itching for a race day. Our first race "on the road".

That was a learning experience. We came home with some of the first turn fence inside Charlene's car....DOH! :o .

By the time features came around James was starting to get the feel for it. I think he's a little scared of the Animal car with the SR plate in it. This was his first true experience of "turn right to go left". 8-) 8-)

I'll be shopping for a HANS device now. That car is too fast not to have one. $$$$$$$ UUUUGH!
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Well they did look good for their first time out. Hope Charlene's car is not too bad, she didn't seem to mind later on when Matthew went to talk to her about it.
Those Animals cars really move on that track, it was impressive after seeing them run at Blue Mountain. Do they want to go back there?

Matthew wants to race there so we will be headed out there this year. Nascar is running there 1st weekend in June and they have a QM race Saturday night so I will probably take them to watch the big cars on Saturday and the QM cars at night. Kids under 12 get in for free so I am sure he will get a kick out of that, he couldn't understand how massive the big track was.
I don't think I have enough time for two tracks each week. It will certainly be a possiblity when Friday night rains out.

Animal!!!! WOW!!! The view I had from the infield reminded me of watching the Dirt Modifieds from the infield at Flemington. They had them pitched sidways about the same amount.

Charlenes car will live. It knocked the rear over and slid the collar on the chain sprocket. The front looks OK. I thought she had it cleared from my angle ...then a saw parts flying :shock: :o :roll: . It was kinda scary later when I found big chunks of the plastic sheeting inside by the pedals. I have visions of punchured arties in the legs :? :? .
There is no chance of us running 2 tracks, we might make 3 or 4 but I doubt anything more than that. I would like to try out West end also. Do all those BM members run there all the time or was it due to the rain out on Friday?

Charlene's accident didn't look to bad but that plastic breaking really made it sound so much worse. I couldn't tell too much from where we were sitting, I thought she just hit the front of the car. I would have been worried over the plastic in the car also, be happy she wasn't going faster.
West end is a USAC track. You have to be a USAC member or wait for an "open" show. Pocono is apparently having an"open" season. They are trying to get more members. I think 2/3 of yesterdays crowd were BM cars.
Rain Rain Rain.........

Looks like its off to Pocono If we want to race this week.

Video up from last week on "taz11xx" Youtube channel.
RACIN, RACIN, RACIN....! Well hopefully. Rain in the forecast for the third week in a row :( . Although, it looks like we might squeek it in this time.

After last weeks dismal performance at Pocono I can't wait to get back to a familiar track. I need to see if my drivers are having issues with the higher speeds or if I just COMPLETELY missed on the setup at the "tricky triangle". :? :? :?
Congrats to NE's son on his first top 3 finish of his career. 8-) Taking third out of a field of 9 or 10.

James and Charlene drove well but the finishes were terrible. James could not catch a break to save his life. An awesome run from the back up to second place only to get involved in a three car tangle and get sent to the back with only a few laps left. The Animal car came home in a pile. A bad call (IMO) set him too the rear (again) and left him in the perfect spot to get collected by a spinning car. He finished the race but after the contact the car was not very good. Post race inspection revealed that just about every part on the right rear suspension is trashed. Some of it isn't even attached to the car anymore :o . $$$$$$ Thumbs up to James for even keeping it on the track.

Next week.....we'll try again. The good side is that the cars seem to be good on the set up.
CONGRATS! to Never enough's son Matthew on his first feature win at Blue Mountain last night! WAHOO! (he also won his heat). :D

James made a rebound from last week. He won his heat in the Honda car and had a strong second place finish in the feature. He started last in the Sr Animal car and worked his way to 3rd in the heat and then had a second place finish in the feature.

Charlene is out cruising in circles......but that's cool as long as she's having fun.
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Biehldm wrote:I told you not to install the cup holder and mirror in Charlenes car.Thats right as long as she is having fun.

LOL......did you just come out with that or are you referring to the Dream Dazzler build from years ago? :lol:

She now races in the same class with her BFF from the track. They play games all night on and off the track and the rest of the world does not exist........kinda like when here mother gets a text :roll: :?
I gotta thank Taz for all his help, without it I am sure we would not have a chance at winning. The huge wealth of information and help in getting the car set up correctly would have taken me forever to figure out on my own. Having no racing experience I have A LOT of questions and Taz is always willing to stop what he is doing to help out. Me and my son thank you, he would tell you but he still can't get the smile off his face from winning this weekend :D. Sadly for Taz he technically has 4 cars in his fleet to keep running. :oops:
We have lift off!

Charlene is pissed. Like pour H3ll on it pissed. He took a chunk out of her new purple powdercoat. :roll: :roll:

I don't think she realizes how lucky she was. This happened to another car earlier in the night. That one dug in and did a combo end over end/barrel roll. The driver of that car took an Ambulance ride.
Never enough wrote:HOLY SH#@!!! she got high. That is crazy, glad my wife didn't see either accident. I guess it doesn't help to show her the slow motion video and pause it to make absolutely sure she sees how high Charlene got :?

It's probably too late.......There is a picture of the other flip on Facebook :?
Very proud.........outstanding display of patience and clean driving. We had to settle for second but that's ok. That is way better than our past trips to Pocono. I love the set up to pass on the last lap (turn 2). It didn't work this time, got pinched down, but it was a great effort.

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Here NE.......since your wife missed it..... :P

well..... the first half anyway.
DOH.....should have stayed home this week. Turn one, first lap....
IMG_20140718_233452_242.jpg (187.47 KiB) Viewed 6894 times
IMG_20140719_192306_116.jpg (230.53 KiB) Viewed 6894 times
Then this.....
IMG_20140719_192220_859.jpg (194.87 KiB) Viewed 6894 times
That oughta buff right out. :lol:
You should really stop using peg parts on the kids karts Taz.

Please tell me you caught that on video.
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I haven't checked yet. I should have at least one on video.
I had the parts to fix it but they only give you 2 laps. No way to do it that fast even if I had a complete assembled shock ready to go.

It really stinks because Friday was James best chance at a win that he's had all year IMO. The Sr classes are tough. Everyone in them are serious competitors. He's had a few heat race wins but the Features keep eluding him.

We've Gotten the Honda car (and driver) dialed in to the point where he can run wide open without lifting for the turns...that's big. The Animal car is not there yet....long way to go on that one. He did run a few 8.9 second laps last week. A big step from the 9.4s and 9.5s.
qm racing.jpg
qm racing.jpg (101.09 KiB) Viewed 6854 times
LOL! :lol: :lol: :lol:
A truly sad day......

It is with a heavy heart that the management of Taz Motorsports (AKA me) has to make the following announcement.

Charlene, driver of the #67 Taz Motorsports/Butler Built/ R-Motorworks Quarter Midget has asked to be released from her driving contract. After lengthy meetings over the past few days involving all members of the team, the decision was made to honor her request. She will be running a few select shows over the next few months to complete her driver requirements with the Blue Mountain QMA. She will then give up her seat completely at the end of the 2014 season.

:( SNIFF :( :( :(

Charlenes stats.....

Top 3s.....21
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I wouldn't be too too concerned, professional athletes and racers go in and out of retirement ALL THE TIME these days! ;)
Long over due for an update....

The Sr classes continue to be a challenge for the team. James got is 3rd Second place feature finish this past weekend. He has a heat win but the big one has escaped us so far.

This was a pretty cool shot from a few weeks back......
Well, you used up all your racing luck getting that one clip....... :lol:
Well we need our luck back because driving skill has gone out the window these last 2 weeks.

What is more amazing to me is how much the head of driver of the red car moves. I know he is belted in pretty tight also. I show my guy these videos so he understands why I make the belts so tight.

This is just a snap shot of when the number 3 car hit him but his head moved past the jersey bar twice, once on the initial hit and then when the other car clips him. Its crazy because they are not even going that fast. I think I am going to go with the Lajoie seat for the other car and the Hanns when they get above blue plate.
qma crash picture.jpeg
qma crash picture.jpeg (66.82 KiB) Viewed 6598 times
Ultrashield makes a pretty serious containment seat too. There is one in the 22 car next time you walk by it. As your driver grows, the helmet to body weight ratio moves more towards your favor.

The Hans is a good investment. It also allows cool air up under the helmet that the neck collar does not. Every driver needs a cool head :lol:
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