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Anything you want to put here that is "G" rated that doesnt really fit anywhere else
Congrats the James! First win in Sr Animal!

James won his heat race last night, putting the #68 on the pole for the Sr Animal feature. James led 17 laps in the feature but missed his turn entry one time and his pal Adam got by him. He had to settle for 2nd in the feature. Still, the best two finishes since we made the move to SR animal.

Also.. give a shout out to NEs son Matt for winning the Beginner feature last night.
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After review of the Mychron from last night, we have achieved a new fast lap time for the team. The previous fast time was 8.89. The new one is 8.59 which comes in at an average lap speed of just over 29.75 mph. New personal best for "Mr Magoo" (James)

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What started out as a complete cluster***k came together when we needed it to.

Great job James!

First feature win in the SR classes.

Sr Honda win 9-5-14 A.jpg
Sr Honda win 9-5-14 A.jpg (43.85 KiB) Viewed 9092 times
Now we are talking.Way to go driver and crew chief.Told you it would come.Keep up the good work.Going to texas motor speedway next weekend for the ASCS sprinters.Taking my future ex son in law and grandson to show him dirt for the first time.
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Thanks guys. The driver worked hard for this one. Lots of hand shakes afterwards. The camera crew got a little

The night got off to such a lousy start I was ready to load up and go home after the heats. Both heat races where a complete joke, no fault of ours. They were back to back to boot. A big thanks to Never Enough for getting the tire pressures set on the second car while we worked on the driver change. Stupid wrecks, bad calls, and the track's complete inability to get the lineup right.....added to the hottest most humid night we've had this almost did me in. My driver was upset as well. I gave him the choice...he wanted to stay. Glad we did.
This is to James.Way to go driver.Suck it up and pull those belts tight and show them what you can do.That is the best race you have driven that I have seen.Very nice moves getting inside to make the passes.The red car was quicker but you held your line and he could not get under you.Just remember NEVER THINK YOU CANT DO IT.You have been close so many times.Season almost over keep up the great work.
James did great, I am glad I stuck around since everyone else wanted to leave since it was so late. Those last few minutes felt like forever. I remember standing there and thinking how much longer until the checkered, drop the checkered already, WHY IS NO ONE DROPPING THE CHECKERED :lol:

It stinks when you wait all week to go to the track and then get so ticked you can't wait for it to be over. I was done after the first heat and ready to toss my car in the dumpster and go home. The humidity really took a toll on me for some reason even though I have worked in much worse without A/C.

Hopefully things run better this weekend or at least its not as hot.
NE... That pretty much covers it.
Biehldm....Message delivered ;)
Thx Taz,he looked great.Now for the crew chief,wrench,cleaning boy and all around good guy.GREAT JOB.Did you change anything on the car that night from others?Tell the camera crew, that's ok she has a right to get excited.
I've been throwing stuff at it all season. This particular night was just an air pressure change from the previous week. The other car was good too. Started 9th, raced up to 5th and then the car in front of him got loose and he lost two spots avoiding the almost wreck. He made a move for 6th on the last lap but could not make it stick and lost his momentum. He lost another spot, crossed over and came within inches of getting it back at the line.

I'll get the video up .......bad finish, good race.
This car has room for improvement but the last two weeks have been way better than the tail end charlie it has been for most of the year.
Another great night of racing. MPW almost pulled off a second place sweep. James and Matt both finished second in their 3 features. Charlene returned the #67 to the track last night to get a 4th place finish in her feature after leading 9 laps of her heat race. Great job to all.

"Mr Magoo" topped himself again. The animal car actually looked a little weak at the start of the feature but James ran his fastest laps ever by the end.

He had his 3 best laps come in at 8.47 which works out to 30.1 mph average. Really like to know how fast he's going at the end of the straight 8-) .
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Now we got the mojo working. :lol: Great job to all and a big welcome back littleone. :D

FYI Car count at Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track Saturday night.102 Modifieds and 39 360 sprints.Good night of racing.
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.102 Modifieds and 39 360 sprints
...nice. You don't get that up here anymore. :(

Saturday was a YO-YO of a night. It started off with Charlene bringing the 67 back to the track and winning the heat race! YOU GO GIRL!

The heat races concluded with the SR Animal car getting all balled up before the green even flew. Thanks to the *&#@ that turned him in front of the entire field coming out of turn 3 to get the green........not once, but twice! :evil: :evil: (WTF MOMENT!!!)

To continue the spiral Charlene got slammed in the feature...."if you cant pass 'em, crash 'em" She held on and finished with our second busted up car of the night.....BOOO.

James came back and put the Honda car in the top 3 in the feature.

We were able to get the Animal back together but I missed on the "guessed" set up after the hasty repairs. James was in with the tail group when he got his right rear in the loose stuff on the last lap and went for a little spin.
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Glad to see the little one back in the seat.That sucks on the SR car just when you get the set up close.Get to work crew chief sounds like you have some work to do.Glad no one was hurt.Keep up the good work guys and gals.
In what was possibly James last 120 start he knocked it out of the park! He won his heat race and backed it up with is first feature win at Pocono! :D :D :D :D "Pumpkin Race"
IMG_20141005_165356_165 (2).jpg
IMG_20141005_165356_165 (2).jpg (309.27 KiB) Viewed 8894 times

Next year.... Light 160.....and two new cars. He is growing like a weed and no longer fits in the medium chassis.
" Fun Night" at the track this weekend......

Charlene gave it a shot in 120 open and (thanks to Buchel Racing) Jr Animal. She brought home a 5th and a 2nd.....with a smile :D

James gave it a try in 160 and Wild Animal. He landed a 3rd and a 5th......wild :shock:

Sunday NE's little girl gave it a go at the "driving experience".....looks like MPW has another contender there......and James' Medium chassis has a new home....

James is going to give it one more run. My wife booked the hotel room last night. We are off to the Harrisburg farm show in December for one last event. AKA "Cow **** Nationals" The name??? well, the track is in the arena and is primarily made up of wood chips and cow s**t :lol:

The latest.... Charlene has decided to drive also...
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That sounds like a fun race.Don't wear any new driver suits cause all of the flying s**t :lol: Good run for both drivers last weelend.Does that mean we are moving up and getting some new chassis crew chief and all around financial sponser?
Biehldm wrote:That sounds like a fun race.Don't wear any new driver suits cause all of the flying s**t :lol: Good run for both drivers last weelend.Does that mean we are moving up and getting some new chassis crew chief and all around financial sponser?

Two used large Storms in the garage, . sponsor.... there have been talks, but no commitments yet.
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So...... we had a little last minute trip a week or two ago. Somebody planted a seed and 3 days later NE, Taz Racing and a handful of other Blue Mountain teams were off to Snydersville Raceway.

James running 160 and Wild animal, Charlene in 120 open, and Matt in 120 blue plate....and then 120 open.


Congrats to James on a new Animal track record!.....Just a tad over 35mph!
Some video from Snydersville...


Here is the next step....... Going to look into these in a year or two. This is James' friend Adam's big sister giving Slingshots a try for the first time.


These things are cool! James is old enough to drive one...but my budget is not :( .

We have been discussing possible sponsorship with a local company and things are starting to move forward. Still too soon the say for sure.

I'm Hopeful....this stuff ain't cheap!
Cow Poop race is in the books! Great time by all! Details and pics to come....time is a little short. We didn't bring home any trophies but I couldn't be more proud of both my drivers. They drove awesome......We had some poor racing luck....but thats part of the deal.

134 cars, 36 races.......12 hours of racing plus good times with family and friends at the hotel Saturday afternoon.
A few teaser shots for now...

A big THANK YOU goes out to the Montgomery County Quarter Midget Race Club for putting together an amazing event!
cp26.jpg (54.91 KiB) Viewed 8438 times
cp27.jpg (53.61 KiB) Viewed 8438 times
cp5.jpg (44.32 KiB) Viewed 8438 times
Did I mention the poor racing luck? ...Collected by a spinning car....again:!: :? :roll:
cp17.jpg (45.67 KiB) Viewed 8438 times
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Heat Races....

Never having been to this event before I had no set up notes for the cars...took a wild guess.

The first one up was James in his Sr Animal car in Race #9. Starting spots where picked lottery style the night before at the hotel. He pulled a 115 which landed him at the tail in 10th spot. As the green flew for the first time it was clear that my guess was real close. That kid was on fire! He was up to 4th in 5 laps and.......well thats when racing luck bit us. A car spun in front of him and collected him. In USAC competition its DOT, if you come to a stop on the track you go to the back to 10th he went :( . He wasn't done yet....he made it back up to 5th for the checkers. (another 5 laps) :shock: :D .

James was up again in his Light 160 car for race #11. His starting pick got him 6th starting spot. He quickly moved up to 4th but then racing luck got us again. He was, for the second time, collected by a spinning car :evil: the rear he went. :(
He bounced back again with a solid drive back up through the field for the next 8 laps to earn himself a 4th place finish.

Last up was Charlene in her Jr Honda car for race #13. She drew the best starting spot for the team at #3. The green flag saw cars 3 wide in turn 1....that didn't work out too well. All but the leader lay in a pile when the dust cleared. They were lined back up for the restart but they didn't get far. The leader spun coming out of turn 2 and the second place car hit him head-on climbing over the top and barrel rolling down the back stretch. The drivers were fine but one car was trashed and the other went to the rear putting Charlene in first place. She stayed there for several laps but with only one or two to go she slipped up and 2,3,and 4 came past her like a freight train. She held on to get 4th.

Very pleased with both of them since the track and track size were completely new to both of them.

Features to come......
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Sounds like kids did great.Those big car count shows are tough.They did real well going to the back and coming to top 5 finishes.Nice set on first time racing there.Keep giving them he11 kids you are doing great.
Yes.. they gave it there all and made us proud.. During intermission I did some head scratching and made some gear changes. I didn't want to screw up a good car but I knew everyone else was going to get faster.

Features.....30 laps or 20 minutes.

James started in 5th spot in the Sr Animal feature. He was up to forth in no time and the front four broke away from the pack. They top four ran away with no one able to get close to them. This was a great moment because the top three where all well known successful drivers and James was stuck to them like velcro for many laps. Then that racing luck came back around again.... Really? :cry: . The caution came out and it closed the field up again. There had been many restarts to this point but the top 4 just ran away from the pack every time. This time somebody's patience ran out and he stuck it in "bonzia style" under James and punted him out of the park.....never lifted :evil: :evil: :evil: . 360 degree spin about a foot off the ground! :shock: . the rear we go .....again :evil:. To make this one worse the race director gave the two minute warning just before the restart. He made it back to 6th before the clock ran out. He drove awesome......Just wasn't his day.

So....sucked it up and he belted into his 160 car. Starting in forth, this was his best shot in his favorite car. After a great start he settled into forth and a few laps in......Are you kidding me???????. The car in front of him spins :evil: :evil: I tell you, this poor kid CANNOT catch a break! He had no where to go. He thew it sideways and WHAM! Hard hit into the side of the spinning car. I quick look revealed no serious damage but as I pushed him of something sounded odd..???. Next thing I know he was back in the hot chute "Dad, its making noise and bucking" I looked again at the commonly bent items. The panhard bar was bent but not bad.... I told him to do his best and pushed him off the rear...again :( :( :( :( ...with a bent car. It was obvious that something was not right because it was making a horrible noise. The green came out and off he went, noise and all. All the way up to forth with a bent car ...Awesome! The race director indicated that time was up and the race was over at the next caution or the checkers. At that point the caution came out again and......Wait...are you *&%$**&! kidding me. Yup, Again. As he let off the gas "that niose" let go completely.... "BANG! clunk, clunk, clunk..he rolled to a stop. In order to finish the race he needed to pass the checkered flag under caution. That was not happening without repair. Going to the hot chute for repairs (you guessed it) puts you to the rear. Have we been here before? The race was over, he finished forth.....but could not get back to the flag to claim the spot....DNF :( :( :( :( :( . As it turned out, the motor moved from the force of the impact. That put a big side load on the chain that eventually gave out.

Charlene was up again for her Feature. She started forth...and the carnage continued. Fortunetly, she managed to stay clear of most of it. She ran as high as third and as far back as last......Yup "to the rear" :roll: :roll: . She got two wheels out in the loose stuff and took it for a long slide through turn 4. She went up the dirt berm and back down onto the track. This scrambled everyone and two cars locked together. Then it got real exciting. The two cars went up the berm, through the flagstand (flagger was diving for cover :shock: :o ) and down the other side.....ooooops :roll: by the time it was all over she managed to hold onto her forth place. Best feature finish for the team.
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Sounds like that event was half demo-derby! :o :x
Damm how was the boss through all of that mess.If they had alittle racing luck they would have both would have run in the top 3 at least if not won.Did it hurt anything else on the cars?If nothing else good seat time and experience for running there with that many cars.Keep up the good work crew chief and get some rest after that.
The boss sucked it up. The cars were good, the drivers where good. My job was done. There is nothing you can do about the dreaded "racing luck". Dale Earnhardt Sr....multiple championships, but took him 20 years to win Daytona.

Now the bitter sweet emotions come in...... Storm chassis #48 is moving on. Its like part of the family but James is getting too tall for it. He has 13 feature wins in that car and well over 20 wins including heat races. Sad to see it go :cry: :cry: :cry:

On the bright side, I know its headed to a good home. Never enough's daughter will be taking it back to the Beginner class next season. I pulled the 160 out of it and James' seat, put a 120 back in this weekend.

I'm sad its leaving...but excited to get to work on the 2 new (to me) Large Storms that I picked up this summer. Maybe i'll turn this back into a build thread...version 2.0 :lol: :lol:
Hey it is not like you won't get to see it run.Looking forward to seeing the new builds for next year.I forgot to ask,that modified looking car you showed film of.What kind of power plant do they run?
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Version 2.0 starts now.......

This was my score from over the summer. Two large chassis cars, 3 carts, and a boat load of misc parts. The guys kid moved to Micro Sprints so he was cleaning out. Cleaned out his garage for him :D

IMG_20140609_141324_611.jpg (185.95 KiB) Viewed 8281 times

I moved them up to the garage a few weeks ago.....time for a complete rebuild of two more :shock: :D :D :roll: :roll:
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So.. uh... any of those larger slicks a bit too worn out for track duty and ready for a new life under a power wheels? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :roll: :lol:
toycrusher wrote:So.. uh... any of those larger slicks a bit too worn out for track duty and ready for a new life under a power wheels? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :roll: :lol:
A handful could be. I'll shoot you a pm in a bit with the specifics
I've been tearing into these since the last post but I haven't had time (with any ambition left) to post.

The new Animal car getting the seat mounts and some new bodywork.
IMG_20141229_185248_321.jpg (1.4 MiB) Viewed 8050 times
IMG_20141229_185259_851.jpg (1.22 MiB) Viewed 8050 times
IMG_20141229_185303_350.jpg (1.06 MiB) Viewed 8050 times
IMG_20141229_190915_022.jpg (1.51 MiB) Viewed 8050 times
IMG_20141229_201734_735.jpg (1.07 MiB) Viewed 8050 times
IMG_20150101_202142_020.jpg (1.35 MiB) Viewed 8049 times
IMG_20150101_202150_109.jpg (1.38 MiB) Viewed 8049 times
IMG_20150103_154452_710.jpg (919.22 KiB) Viewed 8049 times
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Thanks. Its actually 4 weeks until these need to be done for the "Dirt Track Heroes" show at the local mall. First race is March 29th at Pocono Raceway.
The "Ice Breaker" race.

A few more pics.....

This one's ready for paint and powder coating.
IMG_20150103_205119_470.jpg (1.28 MiB) Viewed 8043 times
IMG_20150103_205127_584.jpg (1.49 MiB) Viewed 8043 times
Dammit man I have been bitting my nails waiting for some news.Looks great dude.You are getting pretty good at this.Race season cant get here fast enough.Keep up the good work.

Well how is the little one doing?Have we turned in our helmet or are we going to put on those big girl panties and give those boys hell?
Chassis fab work is coming out great, but I have to be honest, those RC monster trucks on the shelf caught my attention :roll: :lol: When are the kids going to get to play with those bad boys? :lol: :lol: :lol:
2 Clod Busters and a Bullhead.

The black and orange one is mine.....

The pink one and the green one I grabbed off Ebay for cheap for the kids. My son likes them but they both prefer Xbox to fixing broken trucks. they sit alot because I refuse to fix them alone, I will only assist in repairs.

As far as the " little one's" driving plans........ She is practicing being a woman :o ....she is undecided :lol: Go figure :?

She is not signed up for the Ice Breaker but I suspect she may come around for some of the regular season. The car will be ready just incase.
Car number 2 needed some
IMG_20150104_123934_024.jpg (1.33 MiB) Viewed 7951 times
IMG_20150104_150422_169.jpg (1.42 MiB) Viewed 7951 times
IMG_20150104_150426_986.jpg (1.47 MiB) Viewed 7951 times
...and then it got the same seat and sheet metal upgrade.
IMG_20150104_205718_561.jpg (1.46 MiB) Viewed 7951 times
IMG_20150111_174301_155.jpg (1.4 MiB) Viewed 7951 times
IMG_20150111_190255_979.jpg (1.33 MiB) Viewed 7951 times
Also ready for paint and powder coating.
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