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Anything you want to put here that is "G" rated that doesnt really fit anywhere else
Yep been there done that.Looks like you use the same body shop that we do.I did notice your adjustment tool is much smaller than mine.Got to beat them into shape so to speak.Looks great. Keep after them.
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A big shout out goes to Xtreme Custom Coatings for getting these done for me at a smoking price.

IMG_20150131_124541_392.jpg (256.9 KiB) Viewed 6301 times
IMG_20150131_124552_952.jpg (285.46 KiB) Viewed 6301 times

Talks with our new potential sponsor are wrapping up also. Details soon.....
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wired wrote:I was just flippin' through the channels and saw a show called "kart life". LOL! guess what came to mind. I watched five whole seconds.

LOL. I've never heard of that one. I had to go look it up. As usual, it looks like they are after the drama....I hate drama :roll: I couldn't watch that for long either. Some of it looks pretty accurate....but then they have to focus on the BS :evil: Lets teach the kid to "take out" the other driver......DAD OF THE YEAR! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: A$$HAT :evil:

We are actually making some changes within our club to try and limit some of the unnecessary gets old fast. Its bad when the parent is worse than the 6yr old :?
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We would like to welcome the UltraOne corporation onboard the #68 for the 2015 racing season......and hopefully far into the future. James is gowing as a driver and UltraOne is growing as well. Hopefully they will succeed together....or at least, have alot of fun trying.

This video pretty much covers the product.....It speaks for itself. Lots of additional info on their website at

If you have a minute, check them out. Pass it on ;)
mall 2015.jpg
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This past Friday night was the opener for the 2015 regular season at Blue Mountain. The weather and track conditions where terrible but it all came together in the end!

I couldn't be more proud :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

In his first official start in the Light 160 class he landed the UltraOne #68 in Victory Lane! I couldn't believe my eyes.....still on a high! :D :D :!:
IMG_20150515_223448_588.jpg (156.93 KiB) Viewed 6206 times
Awesome! :D
So.... My "Little Bean" wanted to give it another try. I guess some time off got the drive restarted......
IMG_20150522_214523_960.jpg (259.49 KiB) Viewed 6169 times
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Biehldm wrote:First off.NICE LOOKING CARS.Next that's the way to open the season,with a win.Great job driver and crew chief.Last but not least.THATS MY GIRL.LIGHT THEM UP AND KICK THAT BUTT.Great job by the whole team.

Thanks Boss :D
I haven't posted since the beginning of the season. Its amazing how hobbies can consume you. I figured I'd post a few notable highlights from the season since I was a bit too busy at the time.

Early on I decided to stop complaining and try to fix some of the issues that bugged me at our local club. In June I was voted onto the Blue Mountain Speedway board of directors. We have a long way to go, but we are slowly ironing out the rough spots in the club.

At the end of July Charlene made the move to the 120 open class. She is now officially a senior driver.

When its your week it's your week. In late August James won the 160 lite feature on Friday at Blue Mountain. We went to Pocono on Saturday as part of the Indycar weekend. They had twin 20 lap features for all divisions. James won 3 out of 4 and came in a very close second in the forth.

In mid September our racing family lost one of its own. Our head flagger passed away during child birth. It was a rocky road for a while, and a time I would rather not repeat. RIP Jennifer Flanagan :( :( :( ... ild-birth/

In late September Charlene returned to the Pocono Raceway for the first time in 2 years and earned her first top 3 finish in the 120 open class. You go girl! :D

Just a few weeks ago James became the 2015 Blue Mountain Speedway 160 lite Champion!

Proud Papa here!

I would like to say THANK YOU to the UltraOne Corporation and to the long time members here who have taken an interest in our efforts.
dirt trackin.jpg
dirt trackin.jpg (103.75 KiB) Viewed 6043 times
IMG_20150823_093019_191.jpg (83.35 KiB) Viewed 6043 times
IMG_20150822_220243_025.jpg (212 KiB) Viewed 6043 times
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In the words of the legendary "Doc Hudson"...

Turn right to go left!
cars-drift-turn-right-go-left.jpg (20.96 KiB) Viewed 6018 times
:lol: :lol: :lol:
NICE!......I'm going to show that to James.....I had forgotten about that part of the movie.
Sounds like you have the new cars working well.I was worried you had dumped them in the river.Great job drivers.Good pics of going through the corners.Keep up the great work race team.We are floating down here this weekend.Tubing down the streets for something to do.
Biehldm wrote:We are floating down here this weekend.Tubing down the streets for something to do.

Hope you have found dry ground. We had our share of that with Sandy. Its interesting and somewhat exciting.....but in the end, No fun.
So.....We had another "first" this weekend. We made the treck to Harrisburg Pa for the 2015 "cow poop nationals" (page back a few for explanation on the name) and James created is first racing "war story". With a little help from a fellow competitor (or two) he dumped it big time. It was too fast to count but it consisted of and few barrel rolls, a partial cartwheel, and a whole lot of air time.....nasty! The driver was declared ok after the EMTs gave him a thorough going over. Here is a shot of him emerging from the carnage.

cp2015.jpg (429.23 KiB) Viewed 5862 times
I've heard there are some "air time" pics out there...I just have to get my hands on them.
Yikes! :o Good to hear he's ok though :? ;)
Looks like he made the paper...... ;)
IMG_0191.jpg (263.75 KiB) Viewed 5821 times

Getting in the newspaper with out being dead or in jail is a good thing....Right? :P :lol: :lol: :roll:
taz11 wrote:Looks like he made the paper...... ;)

Getting in the newspaper with out being dead or in jail is a good thing....Right? :P :lol: :lol: :roll:
I can't believe you wrote "Hi Mom!" on the bottom of the kart! :lol: :lol: :lol:
In an effort to reach more people in one place I will be posting most of our future updates here: https: ... 427627096/

Hope to see some of you there. Don't forget to LIKE the page if you're into that stuff. Looks good for the sponsors ;) We cant afford to continue to move up without them!

Some things to come in 2016...Charlene gets a new large chassis Storm car, and James makes the move to the World Formula class.
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219 more payments and it's mine :|
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IMG_20160317_132513.jpg (113.67 KiB) Viewed 5443 times
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IMG_20160316_190127_284.jpg (157.08 KiB) Viewed 5442 times
Movin' on up....Again! Beware of the madness that little plastic cars can start!

James' new ride for it seems he will be too big for his current rides. He's 5'2 :shock: :o

It needs a rebuild (as usual).......
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No wonder you are getting rid of the power wheels! 5'2" must be a teenager?
At the price of the power wheels, you won't be able to make a single trailer payment =(
Especially when they aren't even moving!?!?
With 500 plus posts, obviously I haven't read through the thread, but that's an awesome next step for the now experienced driver. Cheers buddy
Oh....and yes, that's why the RZRs got booted. Priorities man ;)
Awesome new ride! What engine is in there? V-twin Honda? Lol! It looks mean
toycrusher wrote:Awesome new ride! What engine is in there? V-twin Honda? Lol! It looks mean
B&S Vanguard 600 V-twin....on methanol.
taz11 wrote:
toycrusher wrote:Awesome new ride! What engine is in there? V-twin Honda? Lol! It looks mean
B&S Vanguard 600 V-twin....on methanol.
How high do you spin those? 6,000? 8,000? Centrifugal clutch or manually actuated?
Centrifugal clutch, not recommended to exceed 6100. Just started researching so I have a lot to learn yet.
taz11 wrote:Centrifugal clutch, not recommended to exceed 6100. Just started researching so I have a lot to learn yet.
Learning stages are the funnest part of any project... well to me. A little bit of mystery and intrigue. Once you understand it you move to tweaking, and when you finally have that figured out, it's time for a new project! :D
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