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When I was looking, I found plenty of examples of pneumatic tires on the older Gator HPX, but couldn't find any on the newer XUV. So I thought I would post some of my interpretation on applied to the XUV...

Parts List:
  • Carlisle Turf Saver II Lawn & Garden Tire - 15X6-6 from Amazon @ 25.80ea (Prime shipping)
  • 6x4.5 Riding Lawn Mower Garden Tractor RIM WHEEL 3/4" ID bushing offset Black from Jed's Wholesale Tire, an eBay vendor @ $25ea (Free shipping). These rims has a 3/4" ID for axle and where 1.5" tall on the perfectly flat inboard side and 1" on the domed outboard side.
  • 3" ABS flat cap to mate to wheel. I used ABS because the cap was flat. In my hardware store, all PVC caps were domed for pressure applications.
  • 3" ABS couplers to house the factor drivers. The drivers are just shy of fitting in the ID of 3" Sch. 40 ABS, so coupler being the OD, allows them to drop in.
  • 3" ABS Sch. 40 pipe. A small section was used to join the cap to the coupler (which is holding the driver on one side)
  • 1/2" PEX used to space the 1/2" Peg Perego axle shaft up to 5/8"
  • 1/2" black 100psi Poly Pipe. This is what I could find to bring the 5/8" PEX covered shaft up to 3/4" to match my wheels. Its a tenth or two over 3/4", but a little massage on the bench grinder and it makes a perfect fit and sleeves 1/2" nicely
  • Some fender washers and assorted hardware for bolting factory driver to coupler and cap to rim.
Note about tires:
I started this project will full intent of going budget and using the Harbor Freight 13" x 5" tires/wheel combo for $15ea... the biggest ones they carry. I figured how much difference could an inch or two make to save over half the cost. I actually bought these but when I got them home and held them up next to the gator, it just wasn't going to look right... far to skinny. I could have gotten over the height difference, but I don't know if its the rim is narrower or what, but visually, they are night and day narrower looking than what I ended up with (despite being 5" vs 6" on paper). If I had used them, I'm sure it would have performed fine, but would have definitely given it that pizza cutter look which IMHO was worse than the factory plastic, so I took these back to Harbor Freight and ended up with the combo I listed above which I am quite happy with.
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The 15x6-6 tires seem to be an almost identical match in width and height for the front plastic wheels. With the rim I've chosen, it won't see all the way back without contacting the steering components. So I simply cut about 1/2" of PEX to use as a spacer and a fender washer over the axle to bring the wheel out just enough to clear the steering. I did not modify the inside of the wheel (which was 1.5" tall). But with width of the wheel and having to space it out, there was no way to get the outside nut in space as no threads protruded. So I did have to modify the outside of the rim from 1" tall, to more like 1/4-1/2" tall. After driving out the bearing, I used a die grinder to cut off the extra tube right about the factory weld. So its just shy of being flush. Then I reinstalled the bearing and with another fender washer, had plenty of thread to reinstall the original axle nut.
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Unlike the HPX I believe, the XUV has larger and wider tires in the rear. I choose not to mimic this and went with the same size tire all around and think the stance looks non the worse for wear. With the way I make the adapters, everything lines up well with the front and doesn't stick in/our noticeably any more. I made the adapters just like saltydog described on his website. Only modification I had to make to the gator was drilling the 4 holes into each factory driver to bolt it to my coupling. I stuck the edge of the driver in line with the edge of the coupling it rides in. My whole new assembly is around 4" long in total I believe and seems to be the perfect spacing to line up with the front wheels and get the nuts back on the axle. I did end up trimming length off the ABS coupler and ABS cap to shorten them from their original length. They mesh up to one another with a small section of 3" pipe glued hidden on the inside to hold everything together. Other than drilling the 4 wholes through the rims to attach to the cap, I did not modify the rear wheels at all. the 1" tall outboard worked fine as is with my spacing. Of course, it doesn't matter how tall the inside was because the wheel rests against the cap, not against its bearing in the rear.
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The final product...
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Great job! 8-)
Nice! Looking to follow suit. Any chance you could do a brief video detailing the front/rear configuration and how it played-out? Or DM a couple more photos. Admittedly my first time modding, so I want to make sure I follow everything to a T.

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