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After installing Pneumatic Tires on my Gator XUV, I decided to continue pulling from saltydog's playbook and upgrade the throttle to a drill switch. Again, I didn't find many examples of this mod being applied to the new model XUV gator, so I thought I would post some pictures as some things were slightly different.
20151229_173258.jpg (104.41 KiB) Viewed 2278 times
Parts List:
  • some blue spade connectors, a 10-12g wire splice, and a small length of 12ga wire
  • I used a dremel tool and various bits for the cutting/shaping of the plastic
  • 16ga sheet metal, cut with an cutoff wheel in an angle grinder and shaped in a bench vise using a hammer.
1. after disassembling the pedal, i decided I would install the drill switch into the upper slot and the same orientation as the factory switch (high up to allow for full pedal travel/switch depression). I only needed to widen its hole slightly and cut a relief in the side of the pedal thats visible from the front. I lumped off the contoured part of the plastic drill trigger so it would all contact the pedal evenly.
20151227_113718.jpg (90.87 KiB) Viewed 2278 times
20151227_113739.jpg (84.55 KiB) Viewed 2278 times
2. then using a 1" wide strip of 16ga sheet metal, I formed a bracket that the drill switch would rest against as its pushed. The bracket is bolted to the plastic pedal cover on either side of the pedal. a single zip tie wraps around the whole thing to keep the switch in place and from pulling up as you let off the pedal.
20151229_093322.jpg (105.85 KiB) Viewed 2278 times
3. on the front, I formed a small cover/cap out of the same 16ga metal to hide visible part of the relief i cut in the side of the pedal and hide the electrical from kids fingers or being stepped on. It shares the same bolt with the bracket on the back holding the switch in place.
20151229_093333.jpg (100.05 KiB) Viewed 2278 times
4. then crimped spade connectors on the ends of the drill switch wiring and reassembled everything based on the following wiring below...
20151229_172844.jpg (108.83 KiB) Viewed 2278 times
The two bare longer wires of the switch are the output side. The shorter side where the two tires are terminated is the input... I simply cut them free from what they were attached to to add my spade connectors. Wiring was as follows:
1. Big red wire on gator connected to short red on input side of switch.
2. Big blue wire on gator connected to short black on input side of switch. This is where the wire splice is used... there is no ground on the original throttle, but it does run through the pedal cavity in the form of a big blue wire. simply add the splice here and run it to the short black input of the switch (done via a red wire in my picture).
3. Big white wire on gator connected to long red on output side of switch.
4. Small blue wire on gator connected to long black on output side of switch.


tafpowerwheel wrote:nice work! theyre has been talk of drill switch not holding up well to the amperage that these beast put out, but I've never tried the switch technique. Hope it holds up good tho
Funny you should mention that... I've also upgraded to 18v (3x6v) two months or so ago before the gator decided to give up the ghost. I wasn't around to witness what the kids where doing when it decided to release the special smoke, but it appears to have taken out the drill switch (heat sink shows visible signs of meltdown) and thermal fuse in the wiring harness (which i wasn't aware was even there) at the same time. I was also running a higher 40amp fuse right at the 3 batteries in series in place of the typical 30amp on the 12-volt stock battery.

Since I need the variable throttle with the pneumatic tires and 18v... I was thinking about stepping up to the Milwaukee 28v switch instead of the 18v Ryobi. or will even that struggle with the amperage? Thoughts?


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