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Need new motors? Grind a gearbox? Adding teeth to a pinion?
First...sorry if old covered topic but couldn't find a good yes or no anwser....most say switch gets burned up...but no talk of wiring...

So have a pw 4 wheeler 6v that I occasionally make 12v......
Would love a variable throttle
Tried salty dogs but have 3 wires coming to the pedal
Ryobi 18v switch has 4 wires as most know..
Can anyone tell me how to correctly wire this and still keep reverse or will it just not work. ....
Drill switch...not actual but
Pedal wiring


Thanks ahead of time
As long as the switch is rated for the amperage you will be pulling (depends on your customization s and what size battery etc...)a variable switch can definitely be used. The three wires going to the pedal are there to provide power to the motors when depressed and also the braking effect when the pedal switch is released. To retain the braking action (which is recommended for obvious reasons) you would need to install another pedal and basically create a true/dedicated brake pedal. Plenty of threads on this website about pedals and pedal switches. Just keep poking around.
Thanks for the quick's only 12v 4wheeler and this is a 18v trigger.

But any insight on wiring.....guessing the orange is braking
Red and white go to motor and fwd/rev relay....
How would the wires connect ....dont need to make a loop and run wires to the motor and relay or? Jusy confused a bit.....thought it would be 2 wires in, 2 wires out.......not only 3 wires in
Switch is a 20 amp so may get lucky......
Haven't had time to work on it more but will try over the weekend
Still dont understand how to wire it.....seems like i will need to run some 10g wire back to the motors but?

Any help apprecosted...otherwise I'll let ya know how it goes
White wire to red input; need to run a negative from battery to black input; red wire on switch to output red; orange wire is not used but where orange wire is connected to hi/low switch it shares a terminal with a black wire run that black wire to black output on switch
Sorry never saw this, I made an attempt and had the wiring wrong, worked for about 3 seconds

Then got busy with a ESC upgrade, moving and racing season starting

Going to revisit this in the near future, but appreciate the help, hopefully you have it right, would be awesome to have both with variable throttle

PM sent. Package is in the mail and on it's way.

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