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Need new motors? Grind a gearbox? Adding teeth to a pinion?
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By Leoniums
Hi again
after taking some opinions whether to buy or not 2 of the gaucho's i found near to me,i now have some more questions, hoping you will be able to help me out, in order to finish with those gaucho cars.
I have bought one gaucho rockin Silver edition and one Gaucho Rockin 0D0024 i think.
I have take everything apart in order to paint all the plastic parts.
One will be made red and one will be made Blue, both with black trims.
I was talking to a good friend of mine (Mechanic) and i was thinking that since the cars are disassembled would be good to prepare them for 18v.

I found a lot of info on the site regarding 18v issues.
1. Melted Peg Factory connector
2. Thermal breaker under the shfter
3. foot pedal switches

Can you please advice me what to change-replace in order to avoid any problems?
By Rob222
The stock 12v Gaucho wiring is marginal at 18v. The wiring is fairly simple and swapping to thicker wires is a good upgrade.
I have a couple of 12v Gauchos that ran on 18v with the stock wiring/switches for a while but the pedal switch fails sooner or later. I've added a relay to take the load off the switch.
Remove the thermal breaker from the shifter - they get weak with age - replace it with a good fuse or breaker at the battery.
Make sure the auto-brakes are functional. This is one of the best features for little drivers.
Maybe open up and grease the gearboxes if old or dirty. The thing that really kills gearboxes is when the kids shift from fwd/rev (or back) while moving. Teach the kids to come to a complete stop before shifting between fwd/rev and the gearboxes are pretty tough.
The Peg Factory battery connector gets replaced if (when ?) you go to aftermarket batteries anyway.
With straight 18v the starts are pretty abrupt but the stock plastic wheels have little traction so that saves the gearboxes. If you're tempted to add traction aids to the tires then the gearboxes take a beating on the take-offs.
Once you go above 18v to 24v you really need to go to an ESC (scooter controller) and a hall-affect throttle.
Good luck with the builds.
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