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Need new motors? Grind a gearbox? Adding teeth to a pinion?
By Abhrams
So last summer I bought my boy a Peg Perego Outlaw. I wanted him to be able to go off-roading and "mudding" with Dad so I was looking for options on this site for better traction. I went to walmart and was going to do the bicycle tire mod but while there I found some riding mower tires that looked just right. Sure enough, I got them home and cut off the backside of the tire and with a little WD-40 I was able to slip them over the original back tires . I threw a few screws in them and the traction since then has been amazing, and it looks really good.

However, as expected, when he gets stuck in the mud or hung up on a tree branch in the woods it hits the gear box hard. Its to the point now where I can hear the gear box grinding. I know it's only a matter of days before its completely gone.

Here is my question...

He's two and a half and just barely too small for a real atv. I want to make sure this thing lasts him through the summer until he grows a little bit.

Should I just replace the gear box?
Do you think the motor is gonna go shortly too?
Are there any mods I can do to help ease the stress of the gear box?

I don't mind spending $100 or so to make sure he gets another year out of this but I don't want to spend a ton because next summer were gonna get him a real quad.

Any advice from you pro's is much appreciated.
By Suburbancharlie77
Gonna need a gearbox, motors are generally good for a while!
For ease of use, and to get the most longevity from the unit, and probably an easier time through the woods, and much nicer for lil man's neck, ESC!
It's going to be some work, but will pay for itself in the end.
By Abhrams
So I tried searching the forums but I cant find an answer. What does ESC stand for? Is there a thread I can read about it to get a little more educated?
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By toycrusher
+100 Bite the bullet and install a variable speed motor controller. East coast power ups makes it almost too easy. Best mod ever

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