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Need new motors? Grind a gearbox? Adding teeth to a pinion?
Hello! I'm brand new to this so I'll get to the point. I have 3 jeep pws for my kids (2 wranglers and 1 enforcer). The enforcer I got with no batteries, so I rigged a 12v lawn mower battery. It ran really well for awhile, but eventually the motor (s) burned up....smell and melted motor cover! I did not rig a fuse inline to the battery, so should probably do this? I want to order new motors for this machine and what I am gathering from the forums is to go with the 550 titan or the gt 550. Sounds like one forward and one with the reverse timing? The whole gear/pinion is confusing to me. Can I run the stock pinion or will the upgrade eat it up? My boys run on asphalt (our driveway), grass once in awhile, but we do follow a derby circuit and run on dirt for up to 15 mins. at a time. Also I plan to stick running a lawn mower battery.....but have read where some are running drill batteries.....any input on this one way or another? The 2 wranglers are stock(Batt, motors, etc), but if I can get the enforcer set up correctly, then the wranglers will be up for modifications as well. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


(A) Yes, put in a 30-40A inline fuse or circuit breaker.
(B) Don't buy a 550 motor as a replacement if you have space for a 775-series motor. The extra mass and size (= cooling) generally means they'll last longer, and you get a more efficient motor. I don't have an Enforcer so am not sure how much room is in there between the motor and the body of the Jeep; there's no modification necessary on the Hurricane or F150 models).
(C) If you want a bit more speed, maybe consider buying new 22T gearboxes (Mustang/Corvette/etc.), two of the cheap 775-series motors (Nichibo 7013F - see my last post in the Motor database sticky), and two 22T pinions for it. You should either fabricate a centering shim (1/2" PVC w/ 11/16" hole drilled in it) or buy them from MLToys (they also have the 22T gearboxes for $20/ea -- without motor).

A 22T 775 set up this way (vs. the 16T stock 550-series that is in the Enforcer) should net you the same final torque and 33% more speed from the same 12V battery with similar peak current draw as stock. The 550 "upgrades" you listed will run faster than stock as well, but will burn quite a bit more current (= lower runtime, more stress on the switches and wiring, etc.). They are simpler, however -- so it depends how deep you want to get into this :).

Look in the thread "Running 18v debating which motor size for grass" for another option.
You would have to get pinion gears unless the new motors already have them. I recommend Traxxas they must be 32p (pitch) and either the same number of teeth or one more if you want to go a little faster
However I'd suggest going brushless it's way more powerful and efficient I'll post links for motor and esc options as well as wiring diagrams on my budget brushless thread if you'd like
Your are going to want to replace the lawn mower battery with an SLA battery. The lawn mower battery CAN leak acid on your kids, the SLA batteries won't do that.
Thought I'd jump in. f150 looking to get titan 775 list looks like two 16t, 32 pitch, 5mm hole pinions, two 4*30 screws for mount..still a bit confused on the fabrication of center ring? I assume I have a 7r gearbox. running 4 cell lipo. (14-16.8v). I know how awesome brushless is..but Im not using a radio to run the car. Any other upgrades I need? Is there a way to defeat the built in braking action? Ive read it will tear up the gearbox with a 775 motor?
Yes, you can just cut the orange wire -- though I would still recommend a resistor. You can try without it and see..

If you splice one in, shoot for a 0.35-0.5ohm final value. Local Radio Shack, or you can order them online. Get at least a 5Watt capable one, or use a bunch of small one (5x 2.2ohm 1W resistors, for instance -- wire them in parallel and you have 0.44ohm). The F150 is pretty easy to work on.

Removing/reducing the brakes will help on durability for sure, but there's very little information about the Titan motors, so I don't know if the stall torque (right when you start) is going to be too much for the gearbox or not.

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