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Need new motors? Grind a gearbox? Adding teeth to a pinion?
Hello Powerwheels folks!

I read thru the battery FAq...and its a huge cluster.

I have a powerwheels f150 and my oldest son is 55 lbs, younger 35lbs...hilly terrain. I bought my fist upgrade, 16AH lipo battery 4 s (16.8 volts max). Ran great for a while....but stock motors burnt out. Unit is 5 years old at least.

Im looking for the most reliable motor setup given my voltage. Not looking for speed, just power to climb hills with kids.

You's think it would be a simple problem, right? Many of the rc car motors are designed for 4s lipo...looking at traxxas titan 550 23 turn, HPI "14.8v" 550, or trazzas 775 titan. I have 16 tooth 32 pitch pinion. Its my understanding with 775 Id nee a 5mm shaft pinion, 3 mm with 550 . Plus apparently some sort of "spacer" and different screws to bolt 775 motor, but I see two sets of motor mount screw holes on my gearbox and I have read powerwheels gearboxes are designed for either size motor.

Im looking for bulletproof performance. Apparently theres a need to remove the active braking too?

Thanks! John

here is my battery ... SwFfhXjdhN

Lots of good info in the Motor sub forum

At 16.8 volts I'd just go with the 550s. They'll be enough for small hills and even improve top speed on the pavement without going to the mod required for the 775. Here's the rub though, the stock F150's pinion gear is 16T but they're hard to get anymore so most people migrate to 17T. Unfortunately it means if you go with the 17T pinion you'll need to change out the 1st gear to 17T as well. You'll eventually destroy the first gear if you don't and unfortunately you can't use the pinion gears that came with the stock motors. I ended up ordering new 5mm 16T pinions and steel 16T first gears from MLToys instead of going with the 17T. The 17T just increases top speed slightly. As mentioned the 16T pinions aren't that common anymore so it did take about a month to get them.

Unless you're looking for some serious modding just go with a couple of 550's and 3mm 16T pinions (see link below to order pinions) and call it a day.
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Rob222 Thanks for that.


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