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Need new motors? Grind a gearbox? Adding teeth to a pinion?
By lwarrior1016
Hello everyone, Im new to the forum and am seeking some advice. Ive caught myself on here looking at plenty or threads but haven't needed to make a new one until now.

I recently got my son a gator (2nd hand) that needed a new battery, replaced the battery and all was well accept for traction issues on the grass, which is all we have around us. I took an old bicycle tire and cut it up and screwed the rubber down on the plastic tire so traction was not an issue anymore. Now the single 12v 12ah battery died very quick. I started looking at 18v upgrades, so I went with 2 x 12v batteries and 2 x 6v batteries, all of which are 12ah rated.

I wired them up as two separate 18v packs then wired the two 18v packs in parallel for the increased run time. The car has been running great and is plenty fast. Now we come in to the issue. This doggone thing keeps burning up gear boxes.

He ate up the first gearbox so I replaced both of them with new ones and new motors. Not 15 minutes after the install, one of the new ones burnt up. So I threw in the good original one and he rode for about two hours. Then he burnt that one up.

It looks like the steel shafts that the gears ride on are getting to hot and melting the gearbox housing.

Question is, what in the world do I need to do? Should I upgrade to 18v motors? Is there a better gearbox that I can get?

Ive even considered getting a hunk of aluminum and having it machined into a set of gearboxes. I know it won't melt then.

Either way, I need some guidance. Please and thank you guys.

So Ive been doing a bunch of searching to find a solution to this problem. I think In am going to get a set of RZR 24v gearboxes and motors and install those on the gator. My new question is, how will these 24v motor work with only getting 18v? Will this be comparable to the current setup as far as speed is concerned? I figured with this setup, the motors would run much cooler and I probably wouldnt burn anymore gearboxes up.
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The easiest solution in this case would be to remove the rubber from the tires. Increased voltage and increased traction, especially on a soft surface far exceed what the factory built these gearboxes to withstand. If you want speed, traction and power in the grass, THIS is your best option. May not have much grass left after while, but understand that every platform has a functional limit.

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