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Need new motors? Grind a gearbox? Adding teeth to a pinion?
By bmr4life
I'm running 30v with some titan motors and a soft start controller in a Pink Cadillac Escalade. About 10 minutes into the ride the drivers side rear wheel locked up. Got it home and took it apart to find that the axle for the first gear had melted and came out of the case and first gear got chewed up.

So either to spend $100 on a new gearbox and 2 metal first gears or convert this to scooter motors.
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By Hammer-fm
Been there, done that. In my case, at a mere 20.5V (step-down DC-DC converter) with stock motors. The motor gets too hot, transfers to the gear which is already stressed from the higher RPM, and pretty soon something fails. 30V on a Titan (14V nominal?) is definitely pushing it.

Steel gears w/bearings help. Keeping heat under control helps. Instead of pushing more voltage, change out the gearing ratio so you don't have to spin the motors at 35k+ RPM -- the low/no-load heat production in the motors goes up with the square of the voltage.

I think that if you keep the gears reasonably cool they don't have a problem with higher RPM, although the 1st gear is admittedly the most stressed that way, which is why I just got rid of it entirely.... The Mustang is in the 13-14mph range for a year and a half and still going strong on the original gearboxes. That said, it's not exactly a drop-in modification.
By bmr4life
Yeah, I've got a Mustang also and was very close to doing a scooter motor swap on it since the space is there to bolt the motors under the seats.

Then I started looking for used gokarts and stumbled upon a tiny 36v Lightning Bug for $80. It was not put together and only goes ~8mph stock but it will be simpler to upgrade than a PW. I'll still keep the Cadillac and bump it down to 24v.
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