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Kid Trax Audi R8 motor/gearbox/battery upgrades?

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 1:47 pm
by notasausage
I just snagged a 6V Audi R8 from Facebook Marketplace for $40 and I'm looking to do some upgrades. This will be my second vehicle for our 4-year-old, the first being a Jeep Hurricane that now has 18V, front & rear lights, and custom horn buttons. Our son loves that thing, but I'm an Audi owner and thought this R8 might be a fun project too.

Anyway, I found ML Toys' Kid Trax Stage II, III and IV upgrades here:

Not sure those will work with my R8, but I've emailed them to ask. In the meantime, I'm wondering how to get a second gearbox for the R8 since it only came with a single motor and gearbox. Is there a place to buy a second? Do I have to pull one from another Kid Trax ride-on?

If the ML Toys Stage II motor + steel first gear package works with the R8, I'll probably grab that and add 18V of power to this thing and be done (for now). Anyone successfully modified these before?