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Gearbox/Wheel adapter Swap Out

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 11:43 am
by Unicav
Looking through options for fixing up a Lil F150, I noticed a lot of gearboxes that appear to be the same size as a 3A or 3B but with a different wheel adapter. Seems to be a Safety First style from the "Defenitive" thread. There's tons of those on eBay and Amazon listed for Jeep, Traxxas and TT R5's. The wheel adapter looks identical to the Power Wheels or Peg adapter (the 4 round notches for the inside of the wheels). Can anyone verify that this would swap out to the wheels on the Lil F150? ... way&sr=8-9

Re: Gearbox/Wheel adapter Swap Out

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 10:03 am
by Unicav
After a lot of shopping, measuring and contemplation yesterday I opted to just stick with what works and bought a couple stock gearboxes with new motors from ML Toys. Everything I've gotten from them has worked flawlessly and every piece of advice their staff have given has been dead on. Just wasn't worth the risk for me to try these cheapo Chinese gearboxes with a lot of bad ratings for burning out, rated at ridiculous RPMs for the little truck, plus having to hope the wheel adapter would work. Would be an interesting experiment if someone had time and money to look at these though. ML's motors might fit them, and they are built with some metal gears. Possibly could just swap out the final drive gear and roll.

I did also look at the possibility of swapping in 7R gearboxes, but on the Lil F150 the axle is smaller and that can't be changed in the plastic frame. It would either require step-up spacers on the ends (not the worst idea, could be done) or mounting brackets on the bottom to hold the axle(which would potentially cause stability issues with the plastic body). At that point I didn't look any further at space requirements.

I also would like to add that looking at the wheels, while mine had the 3B Pentagon gearbox, the wheels are round and would also work with a 3A round gearbox.