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Need new motors? Grind a gearbox? Adding teeth to a pinion?
The neighbor was throwing away this:
star_baby (Small).jpg
star_baby (Small).jpg (69.64 KiB) Viewed 1815 times
He said it stopped working, people tried to fix it, and it still didn't work. I took it home and found the batteries were dead, less than 1 volts. I tried to test the motors with a 9V battery, 6V 500mA wall wart, and 12V car battery, but I couldn't get any action out of them. (Will a 9V battery and 6V 500mA wall wart give enough juice? I'm a bit new to this stuff.) It turns fine by hand, and I don't see any sign of burning.

Here's one of the motors. It's actually the one that remote controls the steering, but the motors that drive the wheels look exactly the same, only bigger:
doug_motor (Small).jpg
doug_motor (Small).jpg (74.47 KiB) Viewed 1815 times
My question is: How can I test this motor?

Also, what kind is it? I assume it's DC, but what's that capacitor soldered onto the terminals?

I just hooked this motor up to my voltmeter, and when I turned the shaft by hand, it registered a voltage. I assume this means the motor's fine, but when I connected it again to the 12V car battery, nothing happened. Anybody know what's going on?
motor + capacitor info...
I have one of those Hummers aswell just not the RC model I thought it was only a 6v :idea: does it have a motor gearbox going to both back wheels? or just one side , but it should still work fine for testing using a 9v battery anyway , even a 12v ride on will run on 6v battery just slow.

After hooking up the battery I would 1st test the on/off switch , see if it has power going to it! then test the other switches including foot throttle.

to check if the motors are ok just run wires off the negative & positive from the battery direct to the motor you can't hook them up wrong the motor will just go in forward or reverse depending on how it's hooked up.
@M1m3R: So... the capacitor is just for sound reduction, so the motor should work with or without it. Thanks for the informative link!

@Aussie Darren: I think it is a 6V, as it has two 6V batteries. I was just testing it with a 12V because that's all I have. (My 9V battery is just one of those tiny ones like for a smoke detector, so I worry it isn't strong enough.) I don't think there's a gearbox--it looks like there's a motor for each back tire.

You're right, I could hook up a battery and test the switches, but I thought I'd start with the very basic level, the motors themselves. I did as you describe, but the motors didn't turn on. I tried both polarities, yet if I hook up a voltmeter and turn it by hand, I see a voltage, positive one way and negative the other. What the heck is going on? Do you think the motor could've gotten fried somehow (maybe a short circuit?) but still produce a voltage when turned by hand?

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