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Need new motors? Grind a gearbox? Adding teeth to a pinion?
I'm sure there are multiply posts on this, but the search option omits the words 'how', 'to', 'motor', 'from' and 'gearbox' from the search results, so essentially all I'm searching for is the word remove....which pretty much renders the search option useless. Really??? I can see 'how' and 'to'.... but would think a search for 'remove motor from gearbox' should be able to be searched!?!.... not just 'remove'.....

Anyway, I've pulled the seat out of our lil' F150 in preperation to eventually remove the gear boxes. The wiring is still solidly soldered to the motor contacts, so they will not be able to be removed without either cutting wires, or being able to remove the motor from the gear box....

I'm assuming the motor can't be removed from the gear box until it is opened that leaves melting the solder off the connectors holding the wiring to the motor.

Am I right on this, and should go ahead and remove the soldered connection between motor and wires?.... Don't see how the motor can be pulled out of the gearbox with out it being opened up....

Really I just need to get the gearbox out and open. Motor attached or not I don't care...
There is typically 2 screws in the back of the gearbox holding the motor on. you can take those out and the motor falls right out- but stays connected to car. If you've removed those and the motor is stuck, then its likely melted to the geabox which means new motors and gears!

To get the motor out of car you Can either De-solder which is typically a 2 person job. (i've burned myself many times trying to do it alone)
You de-solder and the other person using needlenose pliars works them off.

You can also cut, and wire in the new motors and gearboxes.

Are you re-using your motors and just replacing gearboxes? Because that should be easy... if you are changing both gears/motors thats when you'll need to solder.
SAHDman wrote:I just want to add that the two screws that attach the motor to the gearbox are flat head screws so look for those on the opposite of the gearbox

Oh right! and they are only 1/2 threaded, so once motor releases at 1/2 way, you generally just pull the screw out of the gear box. (just didn't want you to sit there unscrewing forever....)
What I'm trying to do is modify the gear box as described in this thread... Upgraded from 6 to 12v and at 12v the gears are slipping way too much. I'm gonna try this fix before they are completely burnt.... ... C_ID=19037

Couldn't see those other screws yet..... I haven't pulled the wheels off, just the seat that covers the motors/gear boxes.

I'll be re-using the motors.

If I don't have to melt the solder connections that would be nice..... How is the primary drive gear attached to the motor? Is it possible to easily remove the motor from the gear box? I'm worried how the motor drives the gear...being so small I'm thinking the drive gear may be permanently attached to the motor shaft??? Dunno.... I haven't got that far yet.....just my initial thoughts after a quick look.
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