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vehicles Without circuit a board controlling the motors
By Hawkeye
Hey guys,

We have a Lil Barbie TrailRider 6v. (blue battery) My grandson has adopted this machine from his older sister. Problem is he looks REALLY bored while riding it! He requires more power. So Paw Paw found this website.......anyway, I need some help.

The boy is only 18 months old but he is freakishly coordinated on riding toys. He literally stands on the seat with one hand on the handle bars. He's only 22 lbs with short legs. He could not reach any type of "pedal" controlled vehicle, which is why I want to modify this machine. It's the perfect size for him, plus with the push button throttle it's easy for him to operate. Don't worry, I plan to visit the paint & body forum to get the "barbie" off this ride.

I've been reading this site for two days now. To the point where my wife thinks I'm having an affair. So let me ask these questions so I can get this project off the laptop and in the shop!

1. Do I just buy another 6v 4 amp battery and wire it up like I've seen posted on this site?
2. What if I were to buy two of the red batteries? Would that burn up the motor?
3. I don't think buying a 12 volt battery would work because the compartment is so small. But if anyone on here has any suggestions I'm all ears. I have powers saws that would chew right through that plastic! :twisted:

[img][IMG] ... 643afc.jpg[/img][/img]

[img][IMG] ... 2cc6c1.jpg[/img][/img]

By whkwt184
If ur going to buy another 6 volt battery I would get a 6v 12 ah from gruber or ecomelectronics. It will last way longer then the stock. But ur prob not going to be able to fit 2 of them in there. And there doesn't look like enough room to add another GB and motor. I would suggest get him a different bigger quad and if it is foot controlled convert it to a push button. I have a thread that shows how to do it but give me few to find it.
By Hawkeye
Hey thanks for the reply. Dang, I already ordered another 6v 4ah battery. I "modifiedthepowerwheel" battery compartment to hold 2 6V's. (kinda proud of that actually) The Lil quad is all painted and ready to put back together. This is my first attempt so I thought I'd keep it simple. Plus, like I said, the little quad fits him so well right now. I would like to do more as he (and his sister) grow older.

I know this Lil Barbie Trail Rider is a very small PW, but do I need to worry about the motor/gear box after going to 12V? How do you think it will do in the grass? We have 2 acres of lawn he rides in. The stock 6V system doesn't do too well in it. Hence the idea for the upgrade. Will the increased resistance cause any part of the electrical system to get too hot? Man I hate being new at this.
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By Hawkeye
Hey it turned out pretty good if I say so myself. Pretty good for my first attempt anyway. If success is measured in the childs happiness, I received a very high score indeed. He rode it for two hours straight and then actually fell asleep on it! Lol! We have a cell video I will try to post later. Hilarious. I don't think I will post the one of him running into the pool and "inverting" though. That was an uh-oh moment. Now I know why you guys put those remote kill switches on.

6-12 volt upgrade was definitley the way to go. Motor barely got warm and rode in the grass almost the entire time. Much better performance. It did scare him a little at first, but after about 5 seconds he was loving it! :D Thanks to the forum for the plethera of info on here.
Before the decals
Batquad.JPG (12.2 KiB) Viewed 3319 times
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