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Interesting in starting or joining a new group within modifiedpowerwheels? Post your interests here or search for one in your area.
In April I bought my son his first PW and had to modify it to get it running. Now I am hooked. I have gone as far as not only starting a local racing league dubbed Neosho Little League Racers. I have spoken to a local church that is going to let us use their 2 Acer lot to build a racing coarse, we will be recruiting during our city celebration and hope to hold our first races the second week in July!

Our plan for races consists of Heats between children and as we discover which ones are better racers we will group them together to create a more competitive environment and allow other kids the chance to compete in the Grand Finals.

A point system will be used:
1st 50pts
2nd 40 pts
3rd 30pts etc.

I have 6 PW that are ready to go and can either be loaned out to kids who don't have a car or their batteries used in the event on someone's battery dying.

I am very adamant about not everyone getting a participation trophy, but would like to have sub categories' for children who were "Best Sportsman", "Most Improved" etc. If you have ideas in this area please let me know.

We will have a 1st aid station ready in case of accidents

I have been kicking around the idea of seeing if local businesses wanted to sponsor the cars for the season and have their logos and decals placed on the cars (still working on this)

:?: Where you guys come in:
I have an idea of what I want the coarse to look like, but am having trouble with size. I would like for it to be large enough for the cars to make it around 4 times, but not so large that we have to worry about battery life for multiple races. The track would be about 7-10" wide to allow for easy passing and the shape would be a kidney bean. My problem is.... How wide and Long should the track be? This info is important so that I can make sure of how many tires I need to line this bad boy and how long it might take to build.

Any Feedback or suggestions would be welcome! You can also visit our website at let me know what you think!

I'll get some pics soon, this week will be wet, so was yard working, not snapshoting sorry.
One thing if you do go to the city, it could be multipurpose. The track could be used for bmx bikes, and r/c cars too. Probably a few more things too, but that's all I'd come up with. That way it's more of an incentive to keeping kids off the couch and computer, and staying active. The village should appreciate the fact it's for more than just power wheels. Keeping kids off the streets and out of trouble, while being mentored, and first hand experiencing self growth and life long valuable lessons from sportsmanship, driving, as well as responsibility. =) I s'pose some lawyer like minded person could come up with much better verbage..... but you know what I mean.
We spoke a little about the land being used for an RC track as well and I loved the idea! There is no limit to what we could do with all the support that we have received from the community so far. Lots of people are very excited because it is such a new and unique idea for our area. I'm glad that I don't have to use city property too, they were going to make us get liability insurance. The church Liability will extend to the track since it is their property.

This whole thing has just fallen into place so easily. I can't wait to see what it turns into.

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