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Things i got, you may want.
I inherited a massive collection of department 56 (heritage,dickens,and new england) as well as many other non D56 that I do not have room for nor desire to keep.  These are used as they used to be set up every year.  I offer no warranty or guarantee other than what is on the box is what is in the box.  I did my best to see if there was broken or missing items.  If I know about it I will mention it below the picture.  I have grouped the items for sale prices on photos. Shipping will be flat rate box or actual cost per size and weight if it does not fit in a FR box.

Department 56
Misc. Accessories
Three different style fences
Trees shown
Stone steps
Stone path (3pcs shown)

Fox hunting figures
Pine grove
Lookout tower

The Globe (top left is sold)
Tending the cold frame (bottom left)
Town tree (top right)
   Tree missing 1 bench
   Sitting figures
   Light hanging crew appears to have been repaired
  Battery powered lights
Ashley Pond and skaters (bottom right)

Mangrove Orangery

Barnyard figures and buildings

Horses and corral missing 1 peice of fencing


Misc Accessories and figures

Ice house
Lighted house

(all Lemax)
Logging company
Barber shop
Loading Christmas trees

Finley forge
Barn with silo
School house

   Christmas tree shack
   Making Smores campfire

Oscar mansion
Kent Church
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Ya don't say? How many cubic feet of the stuff have you got? I "had to" jump to go get it from the outlaws in a big mad rush! Never saw the stuff set up either... ended up buying big plastic totes to repack this crap. The decrepit cardboard just didn't seem sturdy enough. That's all like hallmark stuff right? Lemme know if you find a buyer, I'd love my basement back, maybe they want to create the ultimate Dickens dedication station?!?!
Lucky you.... had been selling?
I mean in repacking, it did look like really nice stuff, don't get me wrong. But we "needed" to come get it when she announced she was prego, so I expected something fun! Not something that looks fun, but is glass or whatever and can't be touched! Hell, I didn't even like repacking cuz "oh it's so fancy and expensive" and "they are limited editions". I'm like then you keep it! I want stuff you can rough house with, not fragile toy looking stuff. It's like an old lady train set. Fun for kids to look but not touch?!?! How are you supposed too pull that off? In a kids house! Just another reason to go postal one day...
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Ya, but come on roadmonkey..... it's 95 degrees outside, 105 heat index. Are you telling me that you are willing to go home and look at a mausoleum dedicated to a bunch of mythical Disney characters dressed for winter having a snowball fight and selling Christmas trees? YOU can't tell me that you're shop is air conditioned. Maybe the front office.

When I win the lottery, and have some fancy train track running around the crown moulding I don't have, maybe then I'd consider having a seasonal section devoted to winter, then the train travels to the desert oops I mean the wife's room. But not till I'm able to keep things realistic, with a mini split a/c keeping the Dickens room at like 68.

The houses and post office have snow on the shudders. Can't let that melt!
I see your pictures arrived!
So did you do your homework for pricing? I just got done loading it into the suburban. Nothing but the front seats are in, and there's no room to sneeze!
Turns out the mother in law has been paying for storage of the other 2 daughters "holiday items". The storage unit owner is her "friend" willing to "help" her sell the stuff????
I didn't hear that till after it was all loaded up. WTF is wrong with people, if I'd have known, I would have never lifted a finger, cuz ya know she's going to be had! Oh well..... now to collect on my storage fees, and having to jump to get it, and now jump to return it. Frigging Indian givers
Suburbancharlie77 wrote:He's MIA??? Hasn't been on in months!
DON'T ask how I know ....

If you want more than just the one box, I could have the outlaws look, but I dunno if she's breaking up sets???
Sorry, I just now noticed the message you put up. I would like just the fox hunt group but will take the three she had up for $30 in the picture. Thank you
Suburbancharlie77 wrote:I'm not the original poster, and I returned all this stuff to the monster-in-law back in July, so I dunno what she does or doesn't have. I'll ask her this weekend.

I have never been on this site before so I didn't notice you messages to me, sorry. Yes that would be great. Thank you

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