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Anything you want to put here that is "G" rated that doesnt really fit anywhere else
Hi everyone,

I recently bought a Mini Cooper 6v 1WD with R/C from this store ( ... -85117.htm) for my 3 years son and his immediately feedback, Dad its too slow. :)

I already read some great posts in this forum, but I don't know exactly where to start since I don't know the fabricator brand/model... Its similar to kd tax or avigo, but close not exactly any of those.

I would like to add a second motor kit including gearbox and wheel coupler, add a second 6v or 12v battery with a large capacity, with a switch that enables both options: more capacity or more power, leds for rear lights.

Has anyone modded any ride one from this brand?
I don't even know for sure the stock motor rpm to buy an equivalent or a complete pair.
The car also includes a volt display, would be ok working on 12v or 18v? What about the option to listen music from an external source, wouldn't that burn with just a battery upgrade?

Any advice for newbie dad on ride on modds? :)

Thanks in advance,

Wow, my phone did NOT like that first site, and it provides absolute zero information.
Amazon surprisingly didn't help much either.
I've kinda got a feeling that you are going to end up being on your own with this one...... at least until you tear it down and post up some pictures.
Where are you located, only asking cuz google told me that it had to translate that first link from Portuguese? And if you're elsewhere in the world, our suppliers may not ship to you??

There a 50/50 chance you can get it going a bit faster with voltage, but it's going to take some clever engineering..... and a bit of wiring work on your end. For the stereo, you won't want to give it any additional power, and you'll need to do some tear down and follow all of the wires involved in the motors portions of the harness. I don't want to just go providing a link saying "this will work" only to have you fry a board, cuz then that "slow car" becomes a "dead car".

If you decide you feel comfortable hacking up the harness, you "MAY" be able to bypass a few of the components themselves and just allow straight voltage, but I've got an idea that the shifter isn't going to work well with that. Also, until you find out what motor and gearbox to get, your drastically limited with only one motor, regardless of applied power.
I think it's going to require some investigating on your end, and an awful lot of pictures. And be careful if you choose this route, because it's all too possible that you really can't get parts! That's an insanely inexpensive New remote control car, so my guess is that it comes with no support. You may find it possible to completely replace a majority of the power train, but in the end, may result in more cost than value??? Kinda part of why I ask where you are located. You'll find by probing around this site, that anything is possible, with no limits to expenditures of dollars and time. But in the end, how deep are you willing to get with this $150 car?
Many thanks for the quick reply.

Yes I am from Portugal and I decided to by this ride in an impulse for my son. If I had given more time researching forums like this I probably would bought another one. :)
But for 200$ ride on a star was a good deal.

I will post under the hood pictures to get help regarding the motor and gear to check what is upgradeable.

Thanks again!
Can you access the shifter?
That wheel drivers a lot like a power wheels, where/how it connects to the wheel!
The only issue might be the size of the power wheels gearbox?

But possibly you can cut some of the plastic and get most of a power wheels harness.
I have a feeling that you don't have Craigslist. But if you could find a cheap power wheels by you, anything 12 volt, or a super6, you can but it, probably cheaper than shipping from the united States. Gimme some time to find some threads with good pictures of the power wheels parts installed.
Now this project is clearly different than what you have planned, but he has a few good pictures to give you an idea.
I still haven't figured out how to attach a picture, so I can only offer up what I can find.
This has some shots of the gearbox, how power wheels driver attach, and the cut out for the gearbox.
I've never looked to see how much a driver is, but it can't be much. YOU may want to start with a simple order for one driver to see how it mates up with the wheel you have. As I mentioned, ultimately the best I can figure is to find a power wheels nearby, regardless of condition, and strip it of its parts and wiring.
#142121 ... 4460-2249/

$2.50 for a driver, but couldn't tell if they ship internationally?

Assuming you don't find anything to directly replace what you have, this purchase would be my first step to seeing how a stock power wheels drive train would work for you. If this won't work with the wheel you have, it's time for real extensive modifications, going live axle, esc, and a big motor. Making everything yourself.

I'm not the be all, know all, end all. I'm only speaking of what I do know, and making what's not there won't be quick, easy, or cheap.
Swapping for some Fischer Price Power Wheels would probably be considerably less time money and effort.
For the time being, you can build this far cheaper in cost and time, but realize how bad you are limited with only one motor! I'd suggest you stay on hard surfaces, because one motor doesn't provide the necessary torque for grass, dirt, or hills with a 3 year old.
Read from that point to the end. Should help. That man has far more knowle than I, and may even recognize the parts you need?

This diagram will cover you for the electrical upgrade. Tough to say where to find your 2nd motor and gearbox

Thank you both for all the help and support, much appreciated! :)
The electric wiring I have made my mind, will add a second 6v battery and optional switch to be able select between more speed or riding time.

Regarding the 2nd motor, gearbox is where I still have doubts... What will be pro and cons of adding a motor with different specs like rpm, torque etc. I have found several 550 motor size options but nothing around 13k rpm and with SF as prefix.

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