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for 12v vehicles that NEED to be upgraded to 18v
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By ramair02

I've been reading & researching on this forum and am now ready to take the plunge in upgrading the battery setup in my son's Kidz Motorz Camaro. The 12v stock battery is on its last legs and I'd like to upgrade to 18v for more power / speed.

Can y'all help me with battery recommendations? It seems my best option will be running a 12v and 6v battery, but I'm not sure what AH I should be purchasing. I also don't know where the best place to purchase / what the best brands are.

To make the upgrade safe and complete, I'll need to wire in a 30 amp fuse. Do I need two 30 amp fuses (one for each battery)?

And will I still be able to use the stock charger? If not, what's recommended?

Lastly, how much runtime is typically available with this sort of setup?

Based on my reading here, I'm thinking I need to purchase a 12v - 12AH battery and a 6v - 12AH battery. I see they're pretty cheap on Grub Power and I also found Duracell models at Batteries Plus that are more expensive, but I can pickup locally.

Thanks so much.

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By wired
Yes one 12v 12ah and one 6v 12ah battery is the normal setup (always match the ah rating for an 18v constant setup). You will need a new charger that can charge both a 6v and a 12v battery. You only need one fuse in the circuit. A 40amp fuse is recommended due to the increased voltage and resultant increased current. The fuse can be anywhere you want. Positive side, negative side or anywhere in the middle. The circuit is a loop and as long as you have a fuse in-line somewhere you're covered. I have good luck buying batteries from Ebay. They are cheaper and I have not had any issues with battery life. Just remember to charge your batteries after use and keep a charge on them at least once every three months when not in use.

Schumacher smart chargers are great. Check them out.
By Rickbo
Thanks for replying so quickly, how much more speed and power should I expect by adding the 6 volt to the 12volt. Also, could I also make my son's 6 volt Jeep an 18 volt without any problems?
By Biggjimm
I just upgraded our little tikes hummer to 18v. I got the mighty Max batteries off Amazon & am very pleased with them so far. I got two of each, which you save a little on the 2 pack & it was $80 so one of each for a touch over $40. I also got the mighty Max 18v charger for $20 & it was $40 at the other sites for the exact same charger.
I'd recommend getting the 18v interface module & the turbo timer module from CJB. They make the job so much faster, easier & safer. Plus there are other options included like battery run down protection & easy hook-up of indicator LED's. The best benefit is the easy start function. When running full time 18v, it starts on 12v for like 2 or 3 seconds & then the 18v kicks in. That saves a lot of wear & tear on your motors & especially the gearboxes. Also 18v only works in high gear. Not low or reverse. And you still retain the 12v only option incase you have a younger or inexperienced rider.
I have mine setup so that with the flip of a toggle switch it is either 12v only, full time 18v, or 12v with 18v turbo which you can select the timing intervals for the turbo mode.
It really makes it nice & easy to do.
I'd also recommend getting the heatsinks with the little fans to help keep your motors cool. They will run extremely hot on 18v & potentially fail sooner due to the excess heat.
I've got two new motors for mine but so far the stock ones have handled it well. I'm pretty sure they're rated for atleast 18v anyways but the heat is hard on them.
Good luck with your project but be warned, this is a highly addictive hobby! And can get pricey if your not careful.
As soon as I figure out how to add pics I'm gonna post our project & what all we've done to it so far.
My granddaughter is thrilled with her "new" ride.
Again, good luck & have fun. Jim

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