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Electronic Scooter Controllers have become a popular addition to our vehicles. Ask specific questions about ESCs here!

***WARNING*** this section is for ADVANCED MODDERS. if you try anything in this section you NEED to expect minor issues with the build up to and including complete FAILURE of EVERYTHING in your freshly built BPRO.

Have fun ;-) :-)
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By endermend
I'm a 150lb teenager who has some free time over the summer, and would like to try something new. I've always wanted a power wheels, because I thought they were the funniest things I've ever seen. I want to try to mod a power wheels into being able to go 5-10 mph for at least 10 miles with half of it being up hill (so I can go to my friends house). I'd imagine that I would probably need to make a whole new chassis for the plastic body, steering mech., and motor/ gearbox assembly. I'm fairly apt at welding, but have no clue to what I'm doing in relation to essentially the car part of this build. Can someone give me a clue of what I would have to do. I know I'm asking a lot out of a kids toy.

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By WyldRyd
Do you have a BPRO (Batter Powered Ride On) that you already purchased?
If so what is it?
What is your budget that you need to stay under after you purchase a BPRO for modifications?

Without knowing most of your details I would suggest that you look into 24v or 36v Scooter Controler and motors. There are a ton of posts on here with great information about them and full kits to buy that are plug & play to DIY Kits to just parts lists and wiring diagrams. What you would use would depend on how much you want to do yourself or have someone else do.

With regards to the framing, the BPRO out that would be really dependant on what model you buy. You can get crazy and do rack & pinion steering or you can look at some other metal frame setups for inspiration and build your own steering set up. You could build a whole frame and just buy a gutted BPRO and just use the body of it and cut out the whole inside and just mount it to the frame you build. Kinda like a funny car. Here is an example like I am talking about.
DSC03843.jpg (103.16 KiB) Viewed 2342 times
IMG_1993.jpg (98.64 KiB) Viewed 2342 times ... C_ID=17704

Let me know what questions you have and I will help you out any way I can!
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By toycrusher
In agreement. You will want to start with a chassis, either ATV or small go-kart and adapt a power wheels body to it. You can go electric powered with electric bike motors and controllers, but trying start with a power wheels and upgrade it is an exercise in futility.
By Rob222
Have you considered a Razor dirt bike ? For the distance you want to ride, and at your weight, one option is to keep the ride light. A cheap used MX500 can be upgraded to 48v and probably do what you want. Upgrade to four 15 or 18ah batteries. I'm 165lbs and can ride a stock 36v one with 12ah batteries for about 2.5 - 3 miles but hills are tough at only 36v. If you are 5 miles each way then recharge before returning. Ten miles straight is a long way. Even at 10mph thats an hour at full throttle.
Whatever you build don't forget brakes. You will need mechanical brakes for the way back down the hill. Maybe add some regenerative charging when coasting back down hill ?

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