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Hey All,
I am new to this forum but, I have been trolling a little lately. I am also new to the modifying PWs. I never knew this was an option and now I am all in!
Here is my dilemma. My daughter just received a 12V Best Choice Products car. It was given to her as a Birthday present from my Father with my help because I was hoping a 12V would be faster than her 6V she currently has. It does seem a little faster but not what I was hoping for. So, long story short- I am going to modify to 18V and potentially 24V.
My research has turned up a few issues I believe I am going to run into.
1. This vehicle has a relay and a lot of switches. Most mods I can easily follow are straight battery terminal connections. I have a hard time following some of 12vwiz schematics that I have seen without knowing which is exact for my configuration.
There is a power button, a radio, a fast and slow switch and a manual or remote control switch (I do not care if the remote control works in the end or not).
2. There are LED lights all over this thing.
I want the radio and LEDs to continue to work after this mod. I have read some threads where the radio would fry if you go direct with 24V.
I need the help of you guys who are way smarter than I am when it comes to this. I have the 6V battery to pair with the 12V already on board. Same ah and I have a schumacher battery charger on the way. I can pick up all the rest of the supplies when I am ready to go.
What are your suggestions for wiring this from 12V to 18V? The easiest way possible is that way I want it done.
See the attached pictures for what It looks like inside and what all the buttons are. Thanks in advance for your help. And if I left anything out, please let me know.

Well matt, looks like your waiting for some expert direction, probably better from someone familiar with a Best Choice car, well I'm none of the above! But, I'm old school on wiring relays and schematics. First, have you researched the internet for a wiring diagram yet? This would show you how the relays are controlling what on your car. These cars probably work the same as most others where the drive motors are powered by the high and low speed switches by changing the flow of electricity from parallel or series. When powered wired in series, meaning juice flows through one motor using 6v, to the other, using 6v, flowing through it going back to the battery. When switched into high speed, current flows to both at the same time, delivering your 12v to both drive motors at the same time. A wiring diagram would show probably relays that are switching on and off this difference in how much power is going to your drives. It would also show how your other accessories are getting powered, (more relays?) Here I'd thing you could connect to the 12v battery to keep the same voltage going to your lights, radio, etc. Your added 6volt battery would get wired in series, think the negative wire to the - terminal of the first battery, power flowing out the + side, into the - side of the second battery, out the + side, which gives you now 18v total. You say there's relays all over the place, these are probably handling the voltage, while the switches are turning the relays on or off. You really need a wiring diagram. Have you got a VOM? Volt Ohm Meter?
Hey Dlgg7, Thank you for the reply and help. To clarify I believe there is only one relay (pictured above, first picture, top right corner)but, a lot of switches.
The diagram is something I am having a hard time finding. I am not sure which is specific to my setup. I have reviewed a number if 12vwiz schematics but I cannot follow them very clear. I am thinking I need to bypass the relay for the radio and LED lights and then run the 18V total through the relay for the fast/slow switch and on/off power switch. That way my radio and lights stay 12V and the rest of the system is 18V. Not sure how to do this but, maybe?
I do not have have a volt/ohm meter but, I can get one.
Thank you for the reply and any help you can give. I am visual so something drawn would help me if you could.
matt, sorry I've been away from the forums, forgot about yours, I've went to the link about relays and switches and printed out several of the diagrams for 12v to 18v. Compare what you want to do to some of these, and ck out the "Old Post", or "Archived" to read about FAQ's explaining how this is accomplished. I'll try to keep cking back on this.

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