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If you have a cheap supplier for motors, batteries, or anything that is of use for a scooter or E.V. (BPRO) list it here for all to enjoy!
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By wired
I have much respect for you CJB. You are one class act. You build quality products, offer them at ridiculously low prices and still make time to support the forum. I know you don't do it for profit (obviously) and your a top notch guy. Thanks for all you do.
CJB - That is definitely not required! I am just happy that you take the time, as wired said above, to help this community. It is really not a lot for shipping, I am happy to pay that with nothing more in return.
Any chance that you'll have more stock of the Turbo Timer and the 18V Circuit Board available any time soon? I just picked up a used Jeep Hurricane for my son and the battery is nearly shot, so I wanted to do an 18V upgrade while I was at it...
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I suppose I should post news and updates in my news and updates thread huh...

My web store is in 'vacation mode' as I've been busier than crap lately and year end brought some surprises and the glaring observation that I have no business trying to start a business. I have to figure out how to refile my company under a different classification and then I will be open again. I just have to find time to do so.
Question: so you can wire it up so it turns off all the accessories after 5 minutes of non use. Does this capability still draw power once it turns everything off after 5 minutes?

I wired up a wireless kill switch, that works great, except if I forget to disconnect it after use then it slow drains the battery, wondering if I could wire it as an accessory on your unit, then it would quit draining the battery etc.
another question.
Would your 18V INTERFACE BOARD work with 24 v ... could your charge 2 12volt batteries from the single 12 volt charging port ? and I guess the 6 volt charging port would just be redundant.
would I be able to mark the 6v as 12 volt and just connect the second 12 volt battery to the 6 volt port, and combine the charging ports for one 12 volt battery charger ?

so 2 12 volt input batteries and the output would be 24 volts ?

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I missed the part about combining the ports for 1 12v charger. You'll still have to use the other charging ports. Its a good idea to charge them separate anyway.

Alternatively you could use a single 24v charger as -12 and +6 are already wired together on the board. (this is why you cant use a single 12v charger for both batteries at the same time.)
would I be able to attach a single 24 volt charger to your board to charge both batteries?
which terminals would I attach a single 24 volt charger?
if not I could attach 2 12 volt chargers to your board an it would charge both batteries etc. ?

Just ordered them
thisdave wrote: Mon Oct 29, 2018 11:08 pm Thanks
any recommendations on 24 volt chargers by any chance ? :)
Schumacher makes one specific for power wheels. It's a great charger, about $50
Just about to start putting this in finally!
I've bought the turbo timer & 18v interface board.. and intend to use it with 2 12vdc batteries.

I asked before and you said this should be fine.. but reading your FAQ page - viewtopic.php?f=21&t=21181

Noticed you have said.. on the 18v interface faq
Q: Can I use this on 24V or higher?
A: No. Don't try it. This is strictly for a 12+6, 18V system.
Will it work with 2 12vdc batteries ? Does the FAQ need updating ?

One other question.. I have the 2 relays for the 18V interface board.
Do I require another relay for the battery saver relay circuit ?

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Short answer is use at your own risk. It was designed for 12+6. Will it handle 12+12? Maybe. Probably. But I don't publicly recommend it.

Battery saver circuit requires an additional relay. Any SPST or SPDT Bosch style relay will do fine.
What's your guess as to what will fail with 2 12vdc batteries ?

I was intending to use the SS mode initially with the turbo timer board & 18v interface board with the 2 12vdc batteries.
Should be ok right ?

Also do the LED's work in SS mode with the turbo timer board & 18v interface board?

and one last question :) If I run 2 jacks to the 2 charging ports on the interface board, is the board clever enough to only allow current in, so once I disconnect the chargers from the charging jacks, the jacks will be dead, or do I have to figure out how to wire it so the charging jack won't short if my 3 year old decides to stick something metallic into the charging jacks etc.

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What will fail? Gears and/or motors is my bet, although not as quickly as putting straight 24v to them. External indicator LEDs should function in SS mode.

Battery charge ports on the 18VI are always live in relation to what's hooked up to the battery inputs. You can rig up a few relays to protect these if you wish.
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Also, I want to mention that 2019 will be the last year CJB Performance will be in business. At the end of this year I'll be hanging it up. My youngest is almost out of the power wheels game now and it wont be long before all the rides are gone. I do still have boards left for both 18V interface and Turbo Timer 4 and both are still available on the web store at 15% off. This is the maximum discount you will see on these two parts, although I may throw 20% off on the relays as well.

Thank you all for your business and support over the last several years.

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